SAPPS Chapter 115

Ying Chenghe, who didn’t know the fashion, finally understood: “the golden joint is not a painted joint, but a special material for S-grade mecha, called crystal.”

Wei San has only heard of grey crystal.

“Grey crystals provide energy, and the whole Federation depends on them.” Ying Chenghe explained, “but there are other crystals. The golden crystal is suitable for S-grade heavy mechas to effectively prevent joint wear. There are also cyan crystals that are light and strong, and are used for light mechas. Medium mechas generally use mixed crystals.”

S-grade mecha, no wonder she hasn’t seen it.

“Is the light gold joint a mixture of other things?”

Ying Chenghe shook his head. “I don’t know. I’ve only seen the joints polished with blue and gold mixed crystals. It’s difficult to get other good materials out of this crystal mix. Green and gold have always been the best mix. Where did you see it?”

Wei San doesn’t want people to know that she was playing in the underground market. She was a good student: “From the photos I saw on the STARNet before, but they have not been saved.”

After a few casual chats, they hung up the phone.

S-grade mecha…… Wei San thought of the irrational parameters of the Death God. Maybe the other mecha imitated the S-grade mecha.

Just a joint, not even a S-grade material, made Wei San miss for so long. She remembered the silver mecha she had seen in the abandoned building of Star 3212.

Ji Chuyu seems to have come from a big family, so maybe she saw a S-grade mecha at that time?

If she also had an S-grade, if she has her own S-grade mecha……

After thinking for a while, Wei San thought that it was impossible. One of the top-level A-grade mecha was already so expensive. She did it herself, and there was no expense for a mecha master.

If she is really an S-grade, she’s afraid she will fall into poverty all her life.

That’s also not right, teacher Xiang’s S-grade mecha was provided by the school, but there may be some equivalent exchange.

Wei San thought about it all day. Finally, she honestly designed her own A-grade mecha. With the Blood Drop comparison, she could calculate for a suitable mecha without any difficulty.

At the end of the term, students who have not joined the school team could have a holiday. Those who have joined the school team need to stay and train until the middle of March, and then go to the Imperial Star competition together.

Wei San sat in her bedroom, communicating with Li Pi and Shiniang, and asked them if they were free to come out and play.

“Are you not coming back?” Li Pi asked.

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“I can’t go back for the time being. I want to stay in school for training and participate in the Hephaestus competition.”

Li Pi was a little shocked: “the Hephaestus competition?”

All the famous generals and commanders of the Federation came out of this competition.

As soon as Wei San looked at his face, she knew that Li Pi had misunderstood: “I’m just A-grade, just entering the school team, not a main member.”

” Xiao Wei is still very good.” Shiniang smiled and said.

“Not too bad.” Wei San spoke back cheekily, “I can’t go back, Shiniang. You come to Sadu star to play. I’ll book the starship tickets and hotels for you.”

“You’ve prospered?” Li Pi asked her.

With a huge sum of money that she had not yet used to buy materials, Wei San said with confidence: “I have money.”

“Ok, we’ll go over.”

Finally, Li Pi and Wei San agreed on a good time to pack up and come to Sadu star.


Thinking of the teacher and his wife coming, she had to take them out for a walk. Wei San took the time to make her mecha these days and still went out at night.

Now it’s a holiday. Their school team was training, no longer closed, and they can go in and out freely.

Because she stayed up late every day, she now reappeared with two dark circles. With the cold and white skin of Wei San, she looked very eye-catching.

“Are you training behind our backs without telling us?” Ding Hemei asked Wei San.


“Better not.” Ding Hemei said seriously, “now we are a small team and need to cultivate tacit understanding. Don’t mess around.”

In Ding Hemei’s mind, Wei San was an unstable element.

“Yes, Senior sister.” Wei San said perfunctorily, half squinting and dozing off during the rest time.

“So.…..what do you do every night?” Ding Hemei shows a hint of the color of gossip.

Wei San sat on the ground, holding her cheek in one hand, and said casually: “go to the bar for disco dancing in the evening to relax.”

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