SOOEW Chapter 373 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXVI

Wuying Pavilion.

Wen Ying listened quietly on the surface, but the information of Wuying Pavilion came out in her heart for a moment.

“`Wuying Pavilion” was just a small guild. It lasted briefly at the beginning of the game, and then it seemed to disappear. In fact, its behind the scenes controller has a deep connection with Mobei Eagle.

The president of Wuying Pavilion and Mobei Eagle grew up in the same yard. They have known each other since they were in their crotch pants. They were both the only sons, so he called Mobei Eagle “brother” to show his intimacy, but their character was completely opposite to each other.

His real name was Zheng Yun. His regular account was on another server. The reason why he built “Wuying Pavilion” with the side account was just to inquire about the news and prepare for the future server merger.

There was another most important point, he was the fourth bright spot on the light source diagram.

Liu Yan was also taking a retreat as an advance. To avoid the edge of public opinion, she went to others first and made a decision before moving. After she was quickly washed white, she lost the reason to stay next to Mobei Eagle. Instead of falling into the crowd and being hard to find, she might as well find another way. Maybe she could make a deep impression on Mobei Eagle by virtue of her previous relationship.

“Luo Ying?”

She didn’t know the skill of her sentence, so she let Wen Ying touch her psychology seven or eight points.

In fact, before that, she had been very afraid of Wen Ying. She searched for information all over and couldn’t find Luo Ying – in the original track, the original owner’s ID was not the word “Luo Ying” – she suspected that it was because of the incitement of her butterfly wing that she was afraid, but she didn’t take special measures to deal with her.

Just that remark was intended to test her, but Wen Ying’s cold beauty’s face didn’t let her see any information.

“Sorry, I may have to work on the task first.” Wen Ying said.

“Oh, you work, you work.” Her smile was bright and very encouraging. “I just finished it, and it was quite simple. The background said that the ancestors of the demon clan had three tests for us, the first one was to ask people, the second one was to ask feelings, the third one was to ask hearts, and there were questions to answer and questions to do. The demon clan, the background was a kind of human demon love. It would finally tell you that this was a fantasy, so as long as you showed enough determination in it, you could simply do it.”

Wen Ying politely said, “thank you.”

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She replied with a smile, “you’re welcome. I don’t know if our quest will be the same.”

In Duhuo’s process of reclaiming wasteland, a message suddenly popped up.

[your friend [Luo Ying] is in trouble with the promotion task and needs help. Would you like to help?]

He had never seen such a thing before. He had already passed the promotion stage, and had never heard of a profession that could turn to friends when encountering difficulties.

However, he knows that the difficulty of promoting tasks was very high. According to the rules in the game, if she failed the first time, she needed to wait at least seven days to try the second time, so as to prevent players from quitting arbitrarily and frequently swiping tasks. But seven days was very valuable for this game. It takes three or four days to fall from the first tier of the ranking to the second tier.


She would ask for help from himself.

He shouted to Heifeng’s Vice President, “You bring the team, I have something to do and have to leave first.”

“????? what?!” Heifeng’s Vice President was stunned, “boss, we are now opening up wasteland. We won’t be able to rob the first kill without you. Wait, don’t go, you, ah, ah -“

Watching the person disappear, his painful wail resounded in the dungeon cave!

Duhuo appeared in a vast white fog, which was very close to the image of the little demon in the first stage of Wen Ying. She would have this fog that would disperse with a touch when she walked daily. He subconsciously stretched out his hand, and suddenly came across a delicate feeling, like whose hand, and then heard a long lost word “who”, he suddenly retracted his hand.

The swirling smoke retreated, and a charming fairy image appeared on the top. The other party was bound in black gauze, exquisite and sexy, but her face appeared from time to time.

“Is this the lover you found on earth?”

There was a soul stirring voice above, and the tone of the ending was very charming, like the ancestor of ten thousand demons, but Duhuo was stunned because of the content in her words.

Wen Ying stood side by side with him. Without looking at him, she said, “No.”

“Duplicity, my magic can conjure up the person you love most in your heart. Whether you admit it or not, he appears in front of you.”

Duhuo was confused. He secretly sent her a message, which showed that the opposite party was in the copy state of a special task, and the message could not be sent. He was thinking about it, when he suddenly found that the back of his hand was touched by someone. The same touch as just now, like a summons or a pacification, made his heart jump.

“You are human and demons, and you want to become a demon that has practiced for thousands of years. Give up this love.”

Wen Ying asked, “what do you mean?”

The demon ancestor smiled softly and said leisurely, “what else do I mean? Naturally, kill him.”

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