SAPPS Chapter 116

“Is it useful?” Ding Hemei was ready to stir when she heard the words, but turned to see the black and blue on Wei San’s face and said, “Forget it. It’s better to go less. It feels like your body has been hollowed out.”

“Senior sister, water.” Nie Haoqi came over with some bottles of water and handed them to the team.

It was also a coincidence that Nie Haoqi happened to be on the team of Ding Hemei. Wei San was familiar with both of them, so she directly chose this team.

“Junior brother, who was the mecha engineer who made your mecha? I feel like it’s quite good.” Ding Hemei asked.

The mecha engineer on the nearby team also turned around and listened.

Nie Haoqi glanced at Wei San, then said, “I have a friend. It is said that this mechanic is familiar with an S-grade mechanic.”

“S-grade mecha engineer? Then wouldn’t that mean that the one who made your mecha might also be an S-grade mecha engineer.” Ding Hemei joked.

“I’m not sure. My friend has been in touch with them the entire time. I haven’t seen this mechanic.” Nie Haoqi also thought this mecha was very easy to use.

“The average mechanic has a strange temper.” The mechanic next to him chimed in, “Your mecha’s overall design balance is very good, not worse than the top-level A-grade mecha.”

Wei · eccentric mechanic · San: she also thought it was done very well.

“How much did this mecha cost in all?” A nearby mechanic asked.

“100 million.”

“Only one hundred million? Does that mecha engineer do charity?”

Sometimes a good mecha engineer’s designer fee already costs $100 million.

Nie Haoqi glanced at Wei San again. He always thought it was because she was a relation.


Before the topic was over, the teacher was already calling them to get up.

These days, the school team training was mainly based on a five person team, with thousands of people training together to exercise tacit understanding.

The five person teams were assigned three individual mecha soldiers, one commander and one mecha engineer. In the competition, the mecha engineer was responsible for repairing the mecha problems. The school team commander accepts the command and control of the main members and leads the team forward.

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Generally speaking, due to the poor competition environment, the five S-grade main members will start in front and the school team will finish behind. Once all the main members are out, even the complete 1000 person school team will soon collapse at the level of the school team.

Because the high-level insects and beasts can’t be dealt with by grade A, there were many such high-level insects and beasts in the competition.

But there were also examples of school team students rushing into the finishing circle to pull the flag.

This has happened at Damocles Military Academy, which was not a good thing. At that time, the five main members of the military academy could not get together because of the S-grade student’s source fault, so they went to an A-grade mecha individual. If they continue to remain the penultimate in that competition, Damocles Military Academy would be removed from one of the top five military academies.

In order to get points, students were constantly sacrificed in the 12 competitions, especially in the last final, the main member of the mecha engineer, the commander and one S-grade mecha individual were out, and the remaining two S-grade and A-grade mecha individuals vowed to rush to the finish line.

At that time, two military academies had already arrived at the terminal. The third was Samuel Military Academy. They did not take off the flag, but waited at the terminal circle to stop the people of Damocles Military Academy.

In order to get the fourth place on the podium, the grade A mecha soldier blew up, and the grade A mecha soldier was seriously injured. Finally, all the shooters of the school team sacrificed, so one person rushed to the finish circle to pick up the flag.

The two military academies suffered heavy casualties. The students of Samuel Military Academy were trapped in a cocoon and fell to the last place. Instead, Damocles got third place.

It was also in that year that Damocles and Samuel had set off a complete death feud.

Through the lessons of the last session, the Damocles Military Academy has instructed the students to remember to withdraw from the competition and return to the school safely at the critical moment every time.

Shen Tukun was the next student to take over. The other four main members are barely S-grade. Under the face of the malicious difficulties and pressure from the Samuel Military Academy, he participated in three sessions, the fourth in two sessions, and was the last in the session which ended not long ago.

No one at Damocles Military Academy blamed him. They just wanted to make themselves stronger and get the school out of this dilemma.


It was Saturday when Li Pi brought his wife to Sadu star. Wei San was going to pick them up at the port. When she left the school, she met Ying Chenghe and Jin Ke who had entered the school.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m picking someone up at the port.”

It was unknown what Jin Ke was thinking, but his eyes lit up: “We’ll send you there.”

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