SOOEW Chapter 374 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXVII

Kill him.

As soon as the three words of the demon ancestor’s smile were uttered, his murderous spirit was exposed. Duhuo suddenly found that his limbs were bound by vines that appeared nowhere, and the more he struggled, the tighter he fell.

Holographic online games could adjust the pain, but generally, in order to maintain sensitivity, the master on the ranking list will drive to at least 80% synchronization, and he can endure driving to 90% because of his childhood environment. That is to say, if he was stabbed by a sword, it was not much different from being stabbed in reality.

At this time, in Wen Ying’s hand, suddenly, a sharp spike appeared with a tip as sharp as frost, which was like the teeth of a huge demon with meat, filled with malicious blood. This was the essence of the demon, not like the appearance of tenderness and seduction.

“Thousands of years of Taoism are in front of you. Why don’t you kill him soon?” The demon ancestor urged.

What kind of bloody plot was this?

Duhuo sneered in his heart. He wanted to say something, but found that his voice could not be heard. It should be silenced by the system.

He could only watch her walk closer and closer with a sharp thorn in her hand. There was no expression on her face, giving a cold feeling until she stopped in front of him.

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Suddenly, this feeling fell on his mind like a shadow. As an expert on the ranking list and the president of the Heifeng guild, he died a few times in the game. The one that impressed him most was the woman in the “final battle” who smiled and stabbed the dagger into his body.

It was just a keyboard online game. He didn’t feel any pain, but he was inseparable from the game characters. Such pictures were replayed in nightmares again and again, constantly reminding him of his stupidity and making him feel the same.

He suddenly remembered the words of Heifeng’s vice president——

“There are hundreds of millions of people in holographic games. How likely are you to meet both of you by chance?”

“Although he’s never seen such a shameless person before, it’s always right to prevent it before it happens. In case a Wushuang person is so shameless.……”


He was born as a gangster and never feared death, but he was very vengeful.

Never for a moment like now, there was a bewitching voice in his head, constantly tempting him to think about the possibility he never thought of: they all came from Wushuang guild, and there was a cold side in their character, and they……

She seemed very like Feixue.

Maybe she was Feixue.

A great sense of mockery accompanied by the anger that he was about to die again hit his heart, and let Duhuo’s eyes and tail provoke the ridicule revealed under the anger. His forehead was green and his heart was open. Regardless of the vines embedded in his arms and the blood marks, he also wanted to get rid of the shackles. This time, even if he worked hard and the blood ran out, he also wanted to prevent himself from repeating the mistakes!

However, as he struggled, he suddenly found that her teeth fell on the vine——

The vines in the task were extremely strong, but the toothed thorns given by the same task were also invincible. Its sharp edge tore open the flexible vines, which were broken into countless vines and scattered from him under her forced cutting again and again.

Obviously, she was untying the vines for him.

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