SAPPS Chapter 117

Finally, Wei San and Jin Ke sat on Ying Chenghe’s aircraft and flew to the port.

Looking out, Wei San felt the window edge of the aircraft and said, “This aircraft must cost a lot of money.”

“Not expensive.” Ying Chenghe set up autopilot and turned back, “This one is only around ten million.”

After listening to this, Wei San really thought it was not too expensive. The price would be enough even when changed to a mecha. However, on second thought, once her mecha is ready and her poverty status is restored, it would be difficult for her to take out tens of millions let alone hundreds of thousands.

She could only find time to continue to fight in the challenge arena to make money. Wei San was calculating.

It was said that there are other playing methods on the third floor of the underground. She hasn’t learned about them. She could only wait until the mecha was ready.

When the three arrived at the port, Li Pi called.

“Teacher, I have already arrived.” Wei San looked at the sign behind Li Pi. “Stay there with Shiniang. I’ll find you.”

Ying Chenghe looked at Jin Ke and said, “What are you doing?”

Jin Ke, who was looking in the mirror, raised his hand and straightened his collar. He said modestly, “Meeting elders.”

Ying Chenghe, who did not know the inside story, looked at Jin Ke, who was walking forward, and finally straightened his own clothes in front of the mirror.

“Xiao Wei.” Shiniang first saw Wei San and shouted her name.

Wei San held out her hands to take the luggage and said, “Shiniang, I’ll bring you guys to eat.”

Li Pi followed along: “We just ate on the Starship.”

The star ship ticket was bought by Wei San. It was a double room. The price has increased several times since she came here. Now it seems to be worth it. It can provide food.

“These two are?” As soon Shiniang looked up, she saw two young boys standing opposite.

“My friends, this is Jin Ke. He is Ying Chenghe.” Wei San introduced one at a time.

Shiniang smiled and said her greetings. Li Pi tried hard to recall and finally remembered: “Jin Ke……is he the son of the Jin family from Star 3212?”

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“You know me?” Jin Ke’s eyes lit up.

“It’s really you.” Li Pi looked at him and felt that he was completely different from the little fatty on Star 3212. “Our mecha preparatory class dagger was sponsored by your father.”

Jin Ke was stunned when he heard the words: “Mecha preparatory class?”

“He is a teacher of 3212 Academy, leading the preparatory mecha class.” Wei San explained casually.

Jin Ke looked gloomy at first. Then it was unknown what his brain created, but his eyes lit up again.

The expert even hid his name and went directly to 3212 Academy. Seeing his aura, he was really beyond ordinary, he could sure pretend.

“Shiniang, you and the teacher should go to the hotel to rest for a night. Tomorrow I’ll show you around.” Wei San spoke like she was familiar with Sadu star. In fact, she has been here for so long and hasn’t played anywhere.

Ying Chenghe asked the address of the hotel and drove the aircraft to see them off. After coming down, the two boys followed behind to carry things.

“Will we delay your training?” Li Pi asked Wei San before entering, “You don’t have to accompany us if you don’t have time.”

“We have the weekend off, no training.”

Li Pi and Shiniang settled down at the hotel.

On the way back to school, Ying Chenghe couldn’t help asking, “Jin Ke, are you and Wei San from the same star?”

Jin Ke nodded: “What’s the matter?”

“I thought you were a person from Liu Ji star.”

“This……I just transferred to Liu Jix star.” Jin Ke put up two fingers and said, “I attended a two-year preparatory command class.”

In those two years, he studied until it was utter darkness in order to make up for his command knowledge. Later, it was measured that his perception level was 3S. All at once, he received olive branches from the five military academies. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, Jin Ke finally chose Damocles military academy.

He was ambitious and stayed to the end of the military academy because there was no better way to improve his reputation than to take the last military academy to get the trophy.

Unfortunately, the Imperial Academy had a stronger Ying Xingjue.

“What do you have on Star 3212?” Ying Chenghe was curious. They all said that unknown stars couldn’t produce talents. Jin Ke obviously wasn’t untalented. It took him two years to learn how to command to this level, and he would be able to retain his reputation in the future.

Wei San was also counted as excellent.

Ying Chenghe thought.

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