SAPPS Chapter 118

Wei San got up early in the morning and was going to the hotel to find Li Pi and Shiniang. As soon as she opened the bedroom door, she saw Jin Ke pulling Ying Chenghe outside the door.

“Why are you guys here?”

Jin Ke spoke enthusiastically, “Chenghe has an aircraft. I’ll be a guide. How about accompanying you guys?”

Wei San raised her eyes and said coolly, “If i didn’t make any mistakes, you are not much more familiar with Sadu star than I am.”

“So I went back last night and made a simplified map of Sadu star for eating, drinking and fun,” Jin Ke took a handwritten map out of his pocket and boasted, “Now there is nothing I don’t know about Sadu star.”

Wei San has no doubts. Jin Ke was a 3S commander. It’s easy to remember this.

“Let’s go.”

The three sat in Ying Chenghe’s aircraft again and headed for the hotel.

Looking at the self-piloting aircraft, Wei San suddenly said, “Is there a manual driving mode?” It was also self driving yesterday.

“There is.” Ying Chenghe got up and pressed a certain place. A seat appeared in front of the aircraft, “I rarely use it.”

Now most of the daily flying machines were self piloting, and few people would take the initiative to drive. After all, people are lazy.

Wei San propped her face with one hand: “Do you need a driver’s license to drive this?”

“Driver’s license?” Ying Chenghe was stunned, and finally found this ancient word from his memory, “No, the aircraft has an automatic correction function, and even if it is driven manually, it will not hit people and cars.”

“Can I drive it?” Wei San hasn’t touched an aircraft in this world, so she was a little curious.

“You can.” Ying Chenghe stood up and showed her, “It’s very simple.”

Wei San sat in the driver’s seat, directly stepped on the accelerator and rushed out.

It has to be said that this kind of car drove very well, up and down, and even around tall buildings.

“Surpass that red car.” Jin Ke pointed out the country behind Wei San, “charge!”

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Ying Chenghe who was sitting on the side: “……” As soon as these two people get together, their behavior would become mentally retarded, especially Jin Ke, who was obviously a decent 3S commander at ordinary times.

According to the words, Wei San passed the red car, whizzing, constantly turning and changing lanes, sometimes driving close to the light barrier, and warnings appeared on the aircraft screen several times.

“Catch up with that black car and let him see your driving skills.” Jin Ke became more excited as he pointed.

“Wait, that car……” Ying Chenghe tried to stop it.

“Give me ten seconds.” Wei San floored the accelerator to the end and regained the feel of racing.

600 meters, 300 meters, 100 meters……

The distance between the two cars was getting closer and closer. Jin Ke leaned his hands on the back of Wei San’s chair, his face with three points of excitement and seven points of arrogance: “Surpass him! Rush……”

When the two cars passed by, the word “charge” in Jin Ke’s mouth suddenly stopped, and Ying Chenghe on the other side had turned to the other side with both hands blocking his face.

Wei San hesitated symbolically and stepped on the brake: “Why do I think that the person in the car just now looks a little familiar?”

“The person inside is Major Li Ze.” Ying Chenghe added what he had just said, thinking that fortunately, he turned his head and covered his face. The major should not recognize him.

“I can’t recognize him without him wearing his military uniform.” Wei San thought of the people she had just seen in the car. Their hair naturally hung on their forehead and they wore casual clothes. They didn’t look much older than them.

Jin Ke turned his head and looked back, and immediately urged, “Hurry up, major, he seems to catch up, hurry up!”

Hearing the words, Wei San floored it again, and Jin Ke broadcast in real time from behind her: “700 meters, 750 meters away from us……the major’s speed has accelerated! 620 meters, 450 meters, getting closer!”

“This is the fastest speed. Chenghe’s aircraft doesn’t seem very good.” Wei San roasted.

Ying Chenghe also nervously leaned over the back of his chair and looked back: “The major’s aircraft is better than mine. I bought this here casually.”

He was perfectly fine, what did he do after all? Now he was met by the major. You know, in the eyes of several teachers, he has always been a hard-working and positive mecha engineer.

Ying Chenghe pulled himself on the back of the chair, with a trace of regret in his heart. At the same time, there were a little bit of other feelings.

To be honest, he felt a little excited.

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