SOOEW Chapter 376 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXIX

In the game task, the NPC demon ancestor said to them that this was just a character transformed by them – the game technology could copy character data. Based on the rarity of the demon profession, there was little possibility of mutual communication in the early stage. Players firmly believe this, and naturally some interesting things would happen.

The vast majority of taskers, because they have done too many similar tasks in keyboard online games, would “disobey” the words of the demon ancestor and swear to live and die with their sweetheart. The result of this practice was fighting. As long as they can resist the 70 level boss of the demon ancestor together for more than seven seconds, they can pass the test and enter the next level.

If the demon obeyed and killed her human companion, she would directly enter the next level, but the difficulty of asking for attention would increase.

So, how can they judge a human being that commited suicide to help the demon?

According to the result of “human death”, it should be judged together with the second category, but the question of conscience was the guilt of the murderer. Now that she didn’t kill the person. Where did she gain a demonic heart from?!

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The demon ancestor was very puzzled. Why would he become a demon NPC with such a positive image like those Taoists and monks.

Isn’t a demon supposed to pay attention to being arbitrary?!

Do whatever you want……

Thinking of this, the demon ancestor with a certain degree of intelligence moved in his heart. With a wave of his hand, the thorns in Duhuo’s hand instantly disappeared, and his wound also recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye. Under the eyes of the two people, she smiled seductively and said, “Ok, Luo Ying, you have my style back in those days. What our demon clan has always advocated most is to let men look after life and death for you. You did a good job. You passed the level of asking for love.”

“As for the third level, ask your heart…”

As her voice gradually fell, Duhuo in front of Wen Ying suddenly gradually became transparent and disappeared.

“Don’t look for it. I’ve sent him back to where he came from. Let me ask you, did what he did just now move you?”

At this time, Wen Ying suddenly understood that the NPC in “Chasing Deer” was very similar to the artificial intelligence of the interstellar age. They were controlled by the intelligent AI “brain” in an all-round way and were not controlled by the game company. The information was different from her personal experience. The demon ancestor was arguably the liveliest NPC she had ever seen. After seeing her, she understood where the flexibility of the game was.

Original translation is from bobateatranslation dot com. If you’re reading this elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

She said, “it’s better for the demon ancestor to tell me where he came from. Isn’t he ‘the most beloved person in my heart’?”

The demon ancestor laughed at the speech. “Do you admit that he is the ‘favorite person in the bottom of your heart’?”

“Since both of us are liars, how can you tell if I say ‘yes’?”

“Yes, there is no difference between answering and not answering.” She smiled and sighed, “there’s a sentence I didn’t say that’s nonsense, you remind me of myself in those days. It’s all right, I wanted him to listen to you say some good words…”

With her words, the figure living alone in the air appeared again. It was obvious that he had just been hidden by the deception of the demon ancestor.

“You’re not honest enough, so I have to worry more.”

Before they could react, her cuffs moved like clouds, and the smoke shrouded her vision. When the smoke dispersed, they appeared together in the original dilapidated temple.

At the same time, the world channel [player [Luo Ying] completed her own promotion task, and received additional inheritance from the demon ancestor. The player [Duhuo] helped with meritorious service and deep love. The two people are stronger than gold, so they are married.]

The announcement has been broadcast three times, and the promotion task results of each player will appear on the world channel, but usually those who call for business, discuss gossip, swear, and scold will brush these announcements away.

Only this time, the world channel was silent.

Before long, another message popped up.

[player [Luo Ying] released the relationship with player [Duhuo], and from then on, they lived happily ever after, separately.]

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