WFILTU Chapter 496 – Big boss I

Suxi and Xiaoyue stared at the boss and his little girlfriend disappearing from their sight.

Both of them turned their heads and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

“She’s really small……”

“She definitely is a student……”

They are almost sure that the boss’ girlfriend was a student!

At this time, the private group chats were also very lively, almost waiting for their two first-hand news.

“Xiao Yue? Sisi? Is the boss’ girlfriend here? Or is it the boss’ relative’s child who is here?”

“The boss has no relatives……”

“Could it be a distant relative?”

“That’s right, not all relatives have been cleaned up by the boss!”

“It must be a little girl!”


Seeing that no one came in again, Suxi took out her mobile phone and revealed a line of messages.

“It’s really the boss’s little girlfriend. She should be a student. They have gone upstairs. It seems that they will be in the boss’ office all day today.”

The reply below was very fast——

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“Shit! Sure enough!”

“Lao Wang, are you going to repay your work later? You can take the opportunity to see the boss’ girlfriend.”

“The boss found a student……which school?”

“You can’t tell from this right”

“What a shock, I want to see the boss’s girlfriend…”

“Suxi, Xiaoyue, do you know anything else?”

“Right, right, right, send out the first-hand news!”


Xiaoyue suddenly pushed Suxi gently, as if she remembered something: “do you remember the name of the boss’ girlfriend? Let’s Baidu it!”

Last time the boss’ girlfriend came, she announced her name, but Xiao Yue didn’t pay much attention, so she couldn’t remember.

Suxi obviously forgot something. She scratched her head, thought carefully and said, “it seems to be called… Called… Gu…”

Susie frowned tightly. After a moment, her eyes suddenly opened: “I remembered! Gu Xuejiao!!”

“Is the boss’ little girlfriend Gu Xuejiao?”

“En.” Suxi definitely nodded, ” When Chen Secretary picked her up that day, I specially remembered recording it, but I don’t know which Jiao it is?”

“Let me Baidu it real quick!” Xiao Yue quickly took out her phone and opened the browser.

Suxi approached her and said, “A student, there should be no news on Baidu……and we don’t know the correct way to write her name.”

“We can just search for it, it’s no trouble.” With that said, Xiao Yue has entered the word “Gu Xuejiao” into the browser, and a Baidu Encyclopedia with “Gu Xuejiao” popped up below.

Although she was searching, in fact, like Suxi, she felt that Baidu couldn’t come up with anything.

But soon, the truth slapped her in the face.

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