WFILTU Chapter 497 – Big boss II

Baidu Encyclopedia had the three words “Gu Xuejiao” with a photo, which was the one Tsinghua put on its official website.

“I’ll go -” Suxi thought she was an excellent receptionist and could deal with any situation. Even when she saw Lin Zhihua, she could try to pull out a fake smile from the corners of her mouth.

But at the moment, she couldn’t even fake a smile, leaving only a shocked face and a gaping mouth.

“Gu Xuejiao is a sophomore at Tsinghua!”

“Shit, shit, shit !! she passed with 731, which broke the record score of the college entrance examination!!!”

“What else! The winner of the 16th Chen Shengshen Mathematics Award!”

The two looked at each other and said together——

“Sure enough, she’s the boss’s girlfriend!!”

Big boss’s girlfriend, was also a big boss!

Who says students can’t be big guys? This was a living example!

After a moment, Xiaoyue sighed, “I wouldn’t have guessed it……”

Suxi nodded along, wasn’t it. She looked like a charming little girl. It seemed that a few words would scare her. Why was she so awesome?

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Xue Jiao was led to the office by Lin Zhihua. He looked very happy, his mouth curved and he held Xue Jiao tightly.

When passing by the small office, Xue Jiao always felt that someone was looking at her.

But when she looked up, everyone in the office bowed their heads, performed their respective duties, and looked very serious.

“What are you looking at?” Lin Zhihua asked softly.

Xue Jiao shook her head and said, “it’s nothing.”

After a pause, she said, “will I delay you today?”

“How would you?” Lin Zhihua was surprised, “There’s not enough time for me to be happy. If you are next to me, my efficiency will be much higher.

Xue Jiao looked up and saw that he was serious, so she showed a bright smile. In this cold winter, it was like a moment of spring.

Lin Zhihua was stunned for a moment, and then laughed, holding her hand up and gently kissed her.

Xue Jiao blushed.

Very soon, the two walked into Lin Zhihua’s office.

Xue Jiao has been to Lin Zhihua’s office and naturally knew the layout of his office.

So she naturally noticed the desk at her first glance, which was very different from the aura of the rest of the office.

In such a large office, the entirety was cold and gray, and a set of pink desks suddenly appeared.

It was a little…… strange, and a little awkward.

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