SAPPS Chapter 120

Li Pi listened to Jin Ke’s explanation, and Shiniang pulled Wei San aside: “the consumption on the big star is high, Xiao Wei, do you have money here?”

“Shiniang, I have.”

“Really? When I had dinner in the morning, I listened to the people at the table talking about the heavy studies of Damocles Military Academy. You are alone…”

Wei San interrupted Shiniang’s words: “not tired. I go out to work part-time on weekends. It’s easy to make money here with mechas.”

“Really?” Shiniang hesitated a little, but seeing that Wei San was not thin, she finally believed what she said.

Wei San really didn’t lie. Playing in black competitions really made money. If she joined the underground group, she didn’t care about the mecha. The money she won was enough for her daily well-off life.

Unfortunately, mecha creation was a money burning thing, and each item such as materials and weapons costs a huge amount.

“This is the center of Sadu star.” Jin Ke pointed to the middle of the map and explained, “there is a very famous scenic spot, which is a statue.”

“I’ve heard of the Sword of Damocles.” Li Pi said.

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Wei San brought Shiniang onto the aircraft. She knew the story of the Sword of Damocles, but she didn’t know that there was a statue in the world on Sadu.

“This sword was made by Yu Qingfei from all kinds of waste armor materials. It was in the Damocles Military School a hundred years ago to remind military students to be vigilant and not to relax.” Ying Chenghe slowly said, “later, the school moved it out, hoping that the whole Sadu star can inherit this spirit.”

However, in recent years, many people on Starnet have laughed at the president’s practice, saying that he removed the feng shui of Damocles MilitaryAcademy, resulting in the ranking of Damocles Military Academy falling back again and again.

“Let’s go there and have a look.” After hearing this, Shiniang spoke with interest.

Everyone listened to her and drove the aircraft to the city center.

“There are so many people.” Shiniang sighed as soon as she came down.

The metal sculpture of the Sword of Damocles was at the center of the square, and they could see it at a glance.

Several people walked to the square, and Wei San subconsciously observed what the waste materials in this huge sword were. It was a complete collection of mecha parts.

“Shiniang, I’ll take pictures for you.” Jin Ke took the initiative to speak.

“Ok ah.” Shiniang took a picture of Wei San and Li Pi, and then asked Ying Chenghe if he wanted to go together.

Ying Chenghe was standing next to Wei San. Li Pi and Shiniang were standing together.

Jin Ke took a picture and felt that he had suffered a loss. He asked passers-by to help take a picture, and he squeezed through.

Five people laughed at the camera together.

“Change my position. I want to stand next to Wei San.” Jin Ke wanted to exchange with Ying Chenghe.

“You’re standing on the side of Shiniang.” Ying Chenghe didn’t want to move very much. He thought this location had the best light.

The two were still arguing. As soon as Wei San wanted to speak, her face suddenly changed. She immediately entered the mecha and blocked the four people behind her.

A strange wolf with a vertical tail suddenly appeared in the center of the square, only 100 meters away from them.

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    She immediately entered the mecha and blocked the four people behind him.

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