SAPPS Chapter 121

Ying Chenghe conditioned himself to take out his mecha and was pressed back by Jin Ke.

“Don’t move.” Jin Ke whispered a warning.

Ying Chenghe looked at him, and finally dropped his eyes and let go, protecting Li PI and Shiniang to draw back.

At this moment, the center of the square was also screaming and chaotic.

“Xiao Wei……” Shiniang spoke anxiously.

“Shiniang, it’s all right. This is just an A-grade beast. Wei San can cope.” Jin Ke and Ying Chenghe escorted them out, and their fingertips quickly contacted the head of the military academy on the light brain screen.

“Wei San will not do anything uncertain.” Li Pi took his wife’s hand and said calmly, but his heart was very uneasy.

The four retreated, and Wei San had directly met the coyote with a drooping tail.

The blood red mecha was cold and angry, glinting in the sun, and the vertical tailed alien wolf ran towards her with a roar. Every time its claws hit the ground, it scratched the floor tiles of the square. At the same time, Wei San jumped up and waved a knife to meet it.

One wolf and one mecha met directly in midair.

Wei San hacked on the forelimb of the vertical tailed heterowolf and made a ‘clang——’ sound directly.

Has it been metalized?

Wei San in the mecha cabin was stunned, then landed, opened the muzzle of the right arm and aimed at the eyes of the vertical tailed alien wolf. Unexpectedly, when it rushed, it closed its eyes. The bullet couldn’t break the eyelids of the alien wolf, which seemed to be metalized as well.

[The whole body was metalized, and the oral cavity is the breakthrough point.]

Wei San was still trying to figure out how to fight. Suddenly, she received such a message in her brain. To be more precise, it was like someone gave her a direct order to her brain.

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There was no time to think about it. The vertical tailed wolf was approaching. Wei San dodged its claw and didn’t come hard. He turned and kicked it on the head. The mecha collided with the metallized wolf’s head and made a harsh sound.

The vertical tailed wolf turned his head and grinned. The water flowed out of his mouth. With one claw, Wei San dodged and wandered in front of it. The vertical tailed wolf subconsciously opened its mouth and bit her.

At the moment when it opened its mouth, Wei San’s left arm light knife suddenly appeared again, raised high and stabbed into the mouth of the vertical tailed wolf. Holding the light knife in both hands, she stepped forward quickly and split her mouth with the knife.

The vertical tailed wolf only had time to struggle for several times, and was cut from the jaw to the abdomen.

At the same time, Jin Ke was surrounded by several other grade A monsters.

It was unknown where these monsters suddenly came from.

Jin Ke swept around, the crowd was chaotic, and the beast seemed to be simply besieging them.

Looking at someone injured, Ying Chenghe raised his hand again and was stopped by Jin Ke again: “Someone is coming.”

Ying Chenghe was stunned and saw a dark blue mecha in midair.

——It was major Li Ze.

Grade S dealing with grade A monsters did not carry any suspense. Those monsters were instantly killed.

The Sadu star guard team also followed closely. Li Ze withdrew his mecha and walked to Jin Ke and Ying Chenghe: “Let’s return back to school.”

Jin Ke looked over at Wei San. Seeing that she was all right, he said, “Alright.”

When Wei San came, Jin Ke and Ying Chenghe had left with Li Ze in a military aircraft.

“Xiao Wei, are you all right?” Shiniang nervously pulled Wei San up and down to take a look.

“I’m fine.”

Li Pi patted Wei San on the shoulder, but he didn’t speak. It’s not a good thing for ordinary people to have low perception, and those entering military schools were in danger of losing their lives at any time.

“Shiniang, I’ll take you back to the hotel first.” Wei San glanced at the center of the square, and the sword of Damocles was still standing in the sun.

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