WFILTU Chapter 499 – Big boss IV

She was not born strong. She had a little more talent in mathematics than others, but she also worked harder than most people.

That was to restrain yourself even in love, and don’t let herself forget to study and work hard.

The flying car project came to the most difficult stage, and their plans failed one after another, everyone’s waiting for the last plan from senior sister Zhang Han.

But a few days later, with senior sister Zhang Han sending two words in the group – failure, all the candles were temporarily extinguished.

They have worked out all the plans, but now the result was that all the plans failed.

This showed that they were probably working in the wrong direction, or there were some problems that they couldn’t think of and solve.

This also meant that they may have wasted all their time in the past year.

“What should we do now?” Xue Jiao murmured and sat on the stool for a moment at a loss.

Chu Sheng was the most uncomfortable one. He buried his face in his arms and didn’t know what he was thinking.

Zheng Jiakun stretched out his hand and patted Chu Sheng on the shoulder. “Let’s go step by step. If it’s really impossible, we can summarize what we did and send a paper. It’s also worthy of our past year.”

Xue Jiao exhaled deeply, turned her head, and looked at various models and materials not far away.

Sure enough, the scientific research world couldn’t do just what she wanted.

They may receive success and honor, but also may receive failure and waste.

Xue Jiao closed her eyes slightly, opened them again soon, and replied——


It’s not counted as a failure. It can only be said that at present, they can’t see hope, but in the future, maybe they can have a flash of inspiration and think of hope one day.

Temporary failure was not despair.

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At this time, the door was suddenly pushed open.

At the door, Zhang Han and Yang Zhan were standing there. In such cold weather, there were sweat beads on their foreheads. It was obvious that they were running over.

“What’s the matter?”

Zhang Han pursed his mouth and said seriously; “All plans failed, but when the last plan was made, I found a problem! I am sure that from here, our project will usher in the dawn!”

The three stood up and looked at Zhang Han in disbelief and surprise.

“We can’t waste any more time. I have a few days’ holiday recently, so I put off everything behind and have seven days’ free time. Yang Zhan also asked for seven days’ leave. Can you ask for leave?” Zhang Han continued.

The several people were stunned, “Ask for leave?”

Zhang Han looked at them with firm eyes: “yes, ask for leave, let’s shut up ourselves.”

“I have no problem!” Chu Sheng couldn’t wait to say, “our final exam doesn’t start until exactly eight days later.”

Zheng Jiakun also nodded, “I also have an exam only on the seventh day.”

They looked at Xue Jiao again. This was probably the only student among them who had to go to every class and behave well.

Xue Jiao thought for a while. She was similar to Chu Sheng. She started the final exam in seven days, but she still had classes this week……

“No problem, I’ll ask for leave.”

“Why don’t you review junior sister? Aren’t you afraid of failing?” Yang Zhan raised his eyebrows, winked and joked.

Xue Jiao chuckled, “If I don’t review and I’ll fail, then I won’t dare to say that.”

The group laughed together.

They were all brave. Most of the teachers have to call the roll in the last week of class. If they don’t go at this time, they basically don’t have their usual grades. At the end of the term.… all depended on the examination paper.

Several people made a decision. They should call and ask for leave.

Xue Jiao spoke to Professor Tan, and then sent a message to her family and Lin Zhihua.

Chu Sheng and Professor Jin borrowed the big laboratory next door and they could rest there in the evening.

After all was completed, the laboratory door was closed.

The retreat officially began.

At that time.…..either success or complete failure, the outcome could only be one of two choices.

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