WFILTU Chapter 500 – Crazy I

What Zhang Han found really made them feel like they were on the verge of survival.

However, science was not immediately useful when it discovered problems. Next, it has to be repeatedly tested, hypothesized and changed.

They failed again and again, overturned their thinking again and again.

But because they rarely work together, the progress was very fast.

Even if they fail, they could quickly overturn the previous arrangements and make new arrangements.

Senior sister Zhang Han would go abroad for a period of time during the winter vacation. This retreat could be said to be the last time for this project in the near future.

Xue Jiao was a math major, and her physics knowledge has been quite good this year. However, her focus is on math, and her physical strength was difficult to compare with the other big cows.

She did more modeling and deducing, and the main direction was controlled by others.

Xue Jiao doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. She’s not in the field she’s good at, so there’s no need to compare.

She was good at mathematics. In this team, it was important for her to give full play to her mathematical strength, and there was no need to compare the physics aspects.

People should know when to keep moving forward and when to step back.

It’s not that they don’t go home after going into retreat. On the first day, it was already 1:00 a.m. when Xue Jiao came home. She went to bed immediately after washing up. On the second day, she went to the laboratory early to continue to help.

Zhang Han and they were also, even later than Xue Jiao.

Sometimes she slept in the office next door wrapped in clothes, and then woke up to continue, and seize every minute.

Under such a high-intensity work, Xue Jiao didn’t send another message, not to mention meeting with Lin Zhihua.

Lin Zhihua didn’t not think about looking for her, but he knew that this was the busiest time for Xue Jiao.

If his appearance bothered her, she would not be angry, but she would never be happy to see himself because of him.

Lin Zhihua reached out and touched the photo on the table, with longing in his eyes.

“It’s been two days, little girl. When you’re done being busy, you must compensate me!”

Lin Zhihua has already thought it over. When the time comes, he should not let her not arrange too many other things for this winter holiday. She must spend the new year with himself!

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On the fifth day, they made a new breakthrough in their simulation and the dawn appeared.

Xue Jiao has not gone home. Her phone shut off due to low battery but no one cared.

The food was sent to the laboratory by Zhang Han’s deputy, and the large laboratory next door was also occupied by them. At this time, it was the final examination, and there were not many students who needed to use the laboratory. Even if there were, Professor Jin transferred them to other laboratories.

This day was the last class of the major class, and the teacher called the roll.

When Gu Xuejiao was called, no one answered. His face darkened and he wrote it down in the booklet.

“When you go back, tell Gu Xuejiao to come to my office tomorrow!”

Mai Jiajia immediately displayed a worried expression, but all the teachers knew Gu Xuejiao, so they all could not help her answer.

After class, she made several calls to Xue Jiao, but failed to connect through.

After thinking for a while, Mai Jiajia walked to the physics laboratory with two hot drinks.

Chu Sheng’s small laboratory was the place where Xue Jiao and them had often stayed in the past year, and she had also been there.

When she arrived at the lab, Mai Jiajia didn’t dare to go in with her things.

Originally, the door of the small laboratory was closed, but the door of the large laboratory next to it was open.

A bearded young boy was sleeping, and a senior brother and a senior sister were eating.

She stood hesitantly for a moment. The small door opened. A man with a haggard face and a broken beard came out. He passed by her as if he hadn’t seen her and went straight into the big laboratory.

Mai Jiajia: “……”

Although she didn’t come much, she had met Chu Sheng many times before. She had met him on the road before, and at least they would say a greeting.

This time she was just standing here. Chu Sheng passed by her but didn’t seem to see her……

“Time to work.” Chu Sheng’s voice was a little hoarse.

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