SOOEW Chapter 379 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXXII

“It’s her who wants to go by herself. If you think it’s worth cultivating, yshe can stay. It’s up to you.”

At first, he was surprised to hear Liu Yan say “it’s not right to stay in Wushuang”. Even if she first entered the guild because she was mistaken for Wen Ying, later she was also recognized by other players. He never knew she would think like that, but since she personally asked to leave, he would not force her to stay.

But after she left, she often sent him all kinds of greetings.

“I’ve met her. It’s a coincidence. I’ve slipped onto the trumpet several times and I’ve met her head on. My skills are pretty good.” His sentence “what a coincidence” was inexplicably a bit cynical. As he was talking, there was a sudden explosion around him. Then Mobei Eagle only heard him shout inconceivably, “……it’s actually a white set! ? Would anyone at this level get white?”

Mobei Eagle who was used to his luck, was silent.

“Stop talking. I’m going to kill people to accumulate my character, hanging up.”

The so-called killing saves character, that is, killing members of other guilds in the wild can accumulate reputation. The higher the reputation accumulation, the higher the explosion rate while fighting monsters.

But even so, it couldn’t prevent some people from playing too dark……

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Zheng Yun was an assassin. The assassin has high attack power and agility, and often has the opportunity to critically kill with one move. As a holographic game, the character’s attack power was inseparable from the player’s operational consciousness. Zheng Yun’s family was born in the army. His grandfather’s generation has become the leader. His forces in the army were intertwined, benefiting his descendants. Zheng Yun was sent to the army to be trained by his uncle at the age of seven or eight, and his ability was excellent. At that time, he was not famous in keyboard online games, because it was not long after he came back from the army, and he soon came to the “final battle”. Rare it was so, he picked up a City Lord as soon as he got started.

When it comes to holographic games, he was more like a fish in the water, and he was very comfortable.

He was the only big guild in the “omnipotent” server, unlike Mobei’s, which was a three-way split separating the server.

His only disadvantage was that his hands are black. When the same copy of the treasure chest fell, others could open blue and orange, and he opened a white, which was quite evil. The more evil people were, the less they believed in evil. In another server, he was also a big shot. Unless the guild goes to war, he inexplicably kills other guild members, which would cause trouble. Therefore, when he became a trumpet player, he was particularly keen to kill people and earn reputation to see if he could turn into a little red hand one day.

Killing in the wild would always result in provoking people who couldn’t be provoked. He just found one by the lake and whistled back. Who knew, someone discovered his location with special props and killed him along with a mob!

He was outnumbered by one to many. After being killed down to half HP, he escaped invisibly and sneaked back into the woods.

Against the assassin, the most taboo place was where the vision was not wide enough.

They obviously didn’t notice this and quickly chased in. Among them, there was an archer in the lead. The bow in his hand was surrounded by an purple aura, which was obviously a small number of purple clothes present. With one arrow, he nailed Zheng Yun to the tree, hit away a third of his blood, and smeared the arrow with medicine, which immediately controlled Zheng Yun.

“Hng, you still want to run after being shot by my ‘Lingbao bow’!”

“Somebody come, there are many people here bullying one——”

“Hahaha, have you ever seen such a stupid person? This is the territory of Qianji Lou. You dare to kill our people? Even Wushuang people won’t earn anything good!”

Zheng Yun shouted perfunctorily two times, while memorizing the surrounding terrain in his heart. When he was about to launch the assassin’s stealth skills and was ready to fight back, he suddenly found that there was a fog in front of him, and both sides lost their vision.

Zheng Yun, who was familiar with the demon skills, smiled coldly.

Fourth chance encounter?

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