WFILTU Chapter 501 – Crazy II

As soon as he had finished speaking, the physics department graduate students’ senior brothers and sisters who came to help dug up a bite of rice, taking the computer over while eating, while accepting the things delivered by Chu Sheng.

They were so serious that Mai Jiajia still dared not speak.

She waited for a long time. Chu Sheng returned to the laboratory, and Xue Jiao finally came out.

When seeing Xue Jiao, Mai Jiajia really wanted to ask what happened in your laboratory?

The man’s beard was stubby, and the woman’s face was haggard, and her hair was not combed well.

“Jiao Jiao.…..”

“Eh? Jiajia?” Xue Jiao went almost past her. It was only when she heard the familiar voice that she suddenly came back to her mind.

Mai Jiajia: “……”

She felt helpless: “you almost made me feel that I had learned to be invisible, so that I could not be seen.”

Xue Jiao scratched her head, and her voice was a little anxious: “that, Jiajia, we have been very busy recently. Do you have anything you need?”

“It’s not much. He called the roll today. Professor Zhen asked you to find him tomorrow.” Mai Jiajia spoke and handed the hot drink to Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao received it and replied, “Oh, oh, good.”

Mai Jiajia: “……” One she heard she knew that she would not go.

“Then I’ll help you to tell him tomorrow and say you can’t take off. It’s better than not going.”

“Alright.” Xue Jiao hugged her gratefully.

“Then go and be busy. Pay attention to your health. I haven’t seen you for a few days. Why are you so thin?” Mai Jiajia was a little worried.

Xue Jiao smiled back at her: “It’s fine. I’ll find you when I’m finished.”

She spoke as she was leaving.

Mai Jiajia grabbed her and said, “wait, don’t forget that the exam is coming in a few days. You can’t miss the exam. You should review……”

“En, don’t worry. We have reported the test times to senior sister Hu. She will inform us when the time comes.”

Mai Jiajia: “.…..” she really doesn’t plan to review……

Her face was weak. “Alright, you go and be busy.”

“Good bye, Jiajia. I’ll come to you when I’m not busy anymore!” Xue Jiao spoke and hurried away.

Mai Jiajia looked helplessly at her back, and then looked at the other people.

They were all a group of scientific research lunatics!

But they were fucking cute lunatics.

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On the eighth day, they actually didn’t succeed.

But the sense of urgency that victory was in sight made them fail to leave according to the original schedule.

In the afternoon, Xue Jiao went to her exam and came back after to help.

Zhang Han’s original plane ticket was also canceled and postponed for a week.

It happened that this week was exam week. They have to go to their exams from time to time and then continue to work. There were some delays, but there was no way.

On the tenth day, Professor Jin came more frequently and didn’t bother them much. He just watched and nodded from time to time.

Yang Zhan left first. His exams were concentrated on these two days. Unlike Xue Jiao and them, who could conveniently come back after exams.

On the thirteenth day, Yang Zhan returned.

On this day, they would build a new model, and the original program they had could not support the model they wanted.

He asked Professor Jin to contact Professor Tang of the computer department for help. That day, he brought Cheng Mingze to help modify the software.

That night, they ran models all night long.

At eight o’clock the next morning, Zhang Han, Yang Zhan, Chu Sheng, Zheng Jiakun, and Xue Jiao placed their heads in front of the computer and stared at the two computers.

It was ten past eight.

All the simulations on the computer were loaded, and a small sign indicated that the 5kg small car floated……

“Is this.…..success?”

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