SOOEW Chapter 380 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXXIII

But strangely, he had seen the other party’s “demon fog” skill before, which didn’t have such a large range and also didn’t last this long……

When Zheng Yun regained his vision, the picture in front of him was beyond his expectation. A group of people opposite were killing each other, obviously in a state of chaos.

Just then, a falling flower fell from the sky, and he looked up in surprise.

He only saw a person sitting in the tree, but it was not the person he expected. The woman brushed her wide sleeve while sitting on the top of the tree and just looked down at him. The beauty had a peach shaped face with clear facial features. Seeing him, she suddenly loosened her hand and jumped off the branch.

He subconsciously stretched out his hand to pick it up, but saw that when she was about to fall to the ground, she was like a fallen leaf, floating to the side and looked back at his hand strangely, letting him take back his hand and touch his nose.

Wen Ying didn’t care about him. The goblin was worthy of being a rare profession. After the promotion task was completed, her attributes soared. The single “demon fog” that originally could only cover one person has become a large-scale AoE skill. There were also skills such as “captivating” and “obsession” that caused chaos in hostile players. The power was not even worse than the ultimate of some professions, which could be said to be quite nature defying.

But according to the information, Liu Yan’s skills have not been able to achieve such great lethality. The most likely variable should be the sentence “inheritance of demon ancestors” in the announcement.

She still remembered that she had just finished her task, and not long after the promotion announcement came out, Liu Yan sent her a message beating around the bush, wanting to know the details of her task.

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She thanked and said, “it’s thanks to the hint you gave me”, and the other party never replied.

However, after that, Wen Ying had no chance to try her new skills. Now she had the opportunity to do experiments, so she tried them one by one. Finally, she tortured a group of people to death and they died unjustly. Before they died, they shouted the name of the Qianji Lou and told them to wait.

“Qianji Lou?” Wen Ying thought for a while and said, “I’m the Wushuang person in your mouth. I’m sorry. I thought you were strong enough to dare to speak hard. I didn’t expect you to be so unable to be beaten……”

Dead bodies everywhere: “……”

Zheng Yun couldn’t help laughing. Seeing Wen Ying looking at him, he smiled at her.

Zheng Yun had a very deceptive face. The arc of his eyes naturally hung slightly. He had the very typical innocent eyes, which were very innocent. He looked very dog-legged and said, “These people have a lot of good things. I’ll touch them! Touch them and use them as trophies for younger sister……”

“Chasing deer” would drop an item on the character after their death. The quality of the item depended on luck.

After Wen Ying agreed, Zheng Yun squatted on the ground and touched three people in a row. The best time was only ten copper coins. He didn’t give up and had to touch the fourth!

She couldn’t bear anymore and went next to him, kicked him as a sign of disgust, and squatted down to touch after driving him away. When she raised her hand, she already had a purple weapon in her hand.

Zheng Yun immediately recognized that this was the “Lingbao Bow” that had just nailed himself to the tree!

When he looked at Wen Ying again, his eyes suddenly changed and became very hot.

“Can you tell me how many people you killed since you are so lucky?”

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