SAPPS Chapter 122

Ying Chenghe: [you drive away the air vehicle, the password is * * * *]

The Jin family made a fortune: [hey hey, the situation was urgent just now, so it directly linked your perception.]

Wei San looked down at the news on her light brain, took Li Pi and Shiniang to the aircraft, and then replied to Jin Ke: [can you control me?]

The Jin family made a fortune: [the S-grade commander has a special perception. The higher the perception of the commander on the battlefield, the more the number of mecha soldiers connected. In short, I can control you.]

Wei San recalled that just now, a thought suddenly appeared in his mind. She felt that what control said was actually not very accurate. It was more like Jin Ke thrust his ideas on her, far from control.

Begging secretly: [middle finger.JPG]

The Jin family made a fortune: [the major must have seen your knife just now. It’s crisp and neat. Maybe it can make a good impression on him.]

Begging secretly: [Star beasts can appear in the center of Sadu star, this world is a little dangerous.]

The Jin family made a fortune: [someone came to target me and Cheng He. We’re lucky to have you today.]

Begging secretly: [… Is someone looking down on you when they use A-grade star beasts?]

Wei San sent a message to Ying Chenghe: [after seeing off my teacher and shiniang, I parked the aircraft in the parking lot on the right side of the school gate.]

Ying Chenghe: [Ok, pay attention to safety.]


Li Ze looked at the two students who were still looking down at the light brain and frowned, “what happened just now?”

“Someone deliberately let it out.” Jin Ke looked up. “I’m afraid there are two purposes.”

Li Ze looked at Jin Ke and motioned for him to continue.

“First, they want us to release our own mecha. It’s less than three months before we enter the competition. The mecha engineer and the commander’s mecha are exposed at this time. I’m afraid the four major military academies have plans for us immediately.” Jin Ke paused and said, “second… The vertical tailed wolf just now may have been artificially transformed. Once today passes, someone from the other military academies is bound to come to Sadu to investigate.”

It’s possible to make a superficial investigation or do something secretly.

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“Don’t go out of school for the time being.” Li Ze said.

The next day, Sequoia Media reported this matter with extremely sharp words. It accused throughout that it was suspected that there was a laboratory in Sadu star studying and manufacturing exotic animals, and it hoped that other military regions could investigate the truth of the matter.

It was just an A-grade beast. There are the 12th and 13th military regions behind Sadu, so it’s impossible to let people from other military regions come. Finally, as Jin Ke expected, the four military academies jointly set up an investigation team and rushed to Sadu overnight to investigate this matter.

Imperial Military Academy, command room.

Ying Xingjue’s clothes were white, his black hair was tied up at will, his lips were pale, his hands on the sand table had slender knuckles, and light cyan blood vessels were hidden under his skin, displaying a cold feeling.

“At this time.” He looked down at the trend on the sand table, “You went out alone with an A-grade mecha?”

Ji Chuyu sat on the chair, casually turning the mecha ring on his index finger: “It is said that the A-grade mecha soldier came from an unknown star, and there are two ordinary people surrounding her, walking around the city center.”

“Ask the investigation team not to act rashly.” Ying Xingjue never raised his eyes, his eyes were cold, “Jin Ke is not so stupid.”

“Let me remind you.” Ji Chuyu got up. “It’s just a 3S grade commander. The champion of the competition can only be Imperial forever.”


Because of the incident in the city center, Shi Niang was too frightened that night and went to the hospital with a fever. She had a good holiday and wasted it in vain.

After the training, Wei San went to the hospital to see her Shiniang. She was already better.

“I’ll be returning in these few days. I don’t know when I’ll see Xiao Wei again.” Shiniang was a little reluctant.

“It’s all right, Shiniang. When you participate in the competition, you can see me on the STARNet.” Wei San vowed.

“Keep blowing, have you thought I haven’t seen the Hephaestus competition before.” Li Pi exposed her, “if you are an A-grade, you can enter the school team at most. It’s already very good for you to show one your face.”

Wei San: “.…..Teacher, you know so much.”

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    • Tbh, YXJ have the same sickness as other overly smart people; overthinking, paranoid, suspecting that everything is complicated. Although other characters also wondered at the start why WS was close with JK, they weren’t so hung up on this. It literally took YXJ a long time to know that the two are childhood friends. And I wanna laugh at him.

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