SAPPS Chapter 123

The day the investigation team came to Sadu star, it happened that Wei San sent Li Pi and Shiniang back to Star 3212 .

“Xiaowei, pay attention to your safety.” Shiniang was still worried about the incident at the square, but Wei San was a military cadet, and this kind of thing would only happen more and more in the future.

“I know, Shiniang.” Wei San gave back her luggage and watched the two enter the security checkpoint.

Li Pi fell behind, turned to look at her, suddenly stopped and waved at her.

Wei San hurried up: “teacher, what’s the matter?”

“Buy more clothes.” Li Pi’s eyes fell on her trouser legs. “Don’t you feel that your pants are short?”

Wei San: “I’ll buy it once I go back.” She was busy every day before, so she couldn’t remember clothes. It’s already very good for her to remember to wear clothes.

Li Pi shook his head and followed Shiniang’s footsteps towards the starship entrance.

After watching their backs disappear, Wei San turned and walked out, and then saw a group of people coming out of another channel.

Maybe it could be said that all the people who came in and out of the port saw it.

Eight people were dressed in extraordinary clothes, and there was an aura of ‘I am rich and powerful’ all over my body. They came out of the security checkpoint and a man walked across who was recognized  by Wei San.

——Major Li Ze.

Sure enough, it’s the big guys.

Wei San withdrew her eyes. She had asked for half a day’s leave today. She had to hurry back to school for training.

“Wei San.”

After exchanging greetings with several members of the investigation team, Li Ze immediately saw the student who had flipped the wall, his eyes narrowed, and he called the person over.

Wei San, who was stopped: “?”

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Wei San walked slowly over: “Major, I asked for leave.” First, she had to clear his suspicions. She didn’t skip class.

Li Ze: “.…..this is the investigator from the four military academies, who came to investigate the grade A beast incident on Sadu star. Later, you will bring them to visit our military academy first.”

As soon as he said this, the two members of the investigation team showed dissatisfaction.

“Is the Major so busy after coming back from the military area?” The middle-aged man wearing glasses said in a warm voice, “this is a big matter, and I hope your school will pay attention to it.”

Li Ze said faintly, “I’m holding the title of Major, and I’m responsible for the security of Sadu star. I hope you can forgive me.”

“We happened to be here for the first time, so we will let the students lead the way.” An investigator from South Percy retreated.

Li Ze nodded to her and turned to look at Wei San: “there are aircrafts at the door. Take them to visit the school.” Then he turned and left.

The investigator next to the bespectacled middle-aged man whispered after Li Ze left, “without the mecha, he can still hold a face.”

As soon as this remark came out, the investigator from South Percy who had just spoken turned red and frowned at the other party.

Wei San was leading the way. Without his mecha? She remembered that the Major used a mecha that day.

“Our Sadu capital is full of wind and sand.” Wei San stood outside the aircraft, enthusiastic about the humanitarianism of the investigation team, “teachers had better close their mouths to avoid sand from entering.”

“What did you say?” The investigator who just whispered snapped from the sarcasm.

“Alright, what do you care about with an ignorant student?” The silent Imperial investigator in the investigation team stopped Samuel’s investigator, “don’t forget what we’re doing.”

The eight investigators went up in turn, and Wei San fell behind. After a short journey, the attitude of the four military academies was obvious.

The others were vaguely afraid of the investigators from the Imperial Military Academy, and the Pingtong Academy stood on the sidelines. Samuel Military Academy was very malicious to Damocles Military Academy, and South Percy was probably in a situation that they would offend no one.

There were ten seats in the aircraft, and two rows were sitting face to face. Probably because they were just insinuated by Samuel’s investigator , the two investigators from South Percy specially separated two seats from them.

Wei San sat next to Samuel without any discomfort.

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