SAPPS Chapter 124

Samuel’s investigator next to her turned his head and looked at her several times. His face changed and changed. Finally, he stood under the face of so many people and endured it.

“Were you a student in the square that day?” On the way, investigators from South Perc asked Wei San as they had watched the surveillance video several times before they came. Although the focus was on the two 3S students at Damocles Military Academy, they reluctantly felt that Wei San’s face was familiar.

“That wasn’t me.” Wei San opened her eyes wide and lied, “That’s my sister Wei Er.”

Samuel’s investigator sneered at this perfunctory name: “Spoken like this, there should be another one named Wei Yi in your family.”

“Teacher, you are really good.” Wei San gave a thumbs up. “My brother’s name is Wei Yi.”

Samuel’s investigator brain jumped. It sounded normal, but it was strange to hear it spoken from her mouth.

Looking at the monitoring in the aircraft, Li Ze turned and asked the people around him, “There is also her sister Wei Er in the school?”

The people surrounding them: “……the information shows that she has no brothers and sisters.” She was even an orphan.

Li Ze frowned when he heard the words. Wei San’s ability to talk nonsense was simply natural.

There was another silence in the aircraft. Several investigators leaned on the seats while playing it off as they were much better. On the contrary, Wei San was quite relaxed, and she fell asleep directly.

When they arrived at the military academy, it was even South Percy’s investigator who called her awake.

Before getting off the bus, an investigator of the Imperial Military Academy looked up at the monitoring in the aircraft, and finally followed.

“Dear teachers.” Wei San came down from the aircraft and walked in front, “I’ll take you to visit Damocles Military Academy without turning back at all the entire course.”

The investigation team had no interest in the environment of Damocles Military Academy. It was unknown how long it’s been since they renovated. Any of the four military academies was more luxurious than here.

There were not many people in the school, only 1000 members of the school team plus 500 substitutes, so only one canteen was open for free. When Wei San passed the canteen with the investigation team, it was just in time for lunch.

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“Wei San, you this morning……” Ding Hemei just finished eating, walked out of the canteen and looked up to see Wei San. She subconsciously said hello, and finally saw the investigation team behind her.

The fact that the investigation team was coming to Sadu star has been spread on the star network. Ding Hemei, who had participated in the school team before, recognized at a glance that the following eight people were from the other four major military academies.

Her face became a little ugly.

She was not the only one who didn’t look good when she came out of the canteen and saw the investigation team.

“I’m bringing the teachers of the investigation team to visit the school.” Wei San said her greetings to Ding Hemei, “Please say my greetings to the teacher over there. I may not be able to catch up with the training in the afternoon.”

Ding Hemei responded with a deep voice: “You go there earlier.”

Samuel’s investigator flicked his finger. “Don’t the students at Damocles have good eyes? Looking at us like this.”

“Maybe because the teachers are too angry, they look afraid.” Wei San sincerely said, “Our students are weak and innocent, and can’t stand intimidation.”

“It’s true. Otherwise, how can you always be the penultimate.”

“Teacher, you are so concerned about our ranking that others would think you were from Damocles Military Academy.” Jin Ke came from behind and said with a smile, while Ying Chenghe stood by.

“This is the teacher of Samuel Military Academy.” Wei San explained, “He’s just too enthusiastic.”

“The teacher is really kind.” Jin Ke’s face was moved.

When the two sang in unison, the investigator from Samuel was blocked and his face was extremely ugly.

“Are you Jin Ke?” The Imperial’s investigator suddenly spoke.

“No, my name is Jin Youcai.” Jin Ke said seriously, “Jin Ke is my younger brother.”

The imperial‘s investigator gave him a deep look, and his eyes moved to the person next to him: “Ying Chenghe, take us to see the headmaster.”

“My name is Ying Chenghai, and Ying Chenghe is my brother.” Ying Chenghe exposed a virtual card, “I came to eat in the canteen.”

No matter how naive the teachers of the investigation team were, if they were still teased by these students, they would be stupid.

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