WFILTU Chapter 503 – Lost weight I

Xue Jiao grinned and pulled out a smile: “Zhihua.…..”

Her voice was guilty and nervous.

When she met Lin Zhihua, she was already thin. This eight jin was created by his delicious food and drinks during the two years of college.

But.……it was gone in half a month……

Lin Zhihua looked at her quietly and said in a soft voice: “I’ve raised for a year and a half.……I haven’t seen you for half a month, so you lost it all?”

Xue Jiao: “……”

Lin Zhihua looked at her with a grim face, and Xuejiao shrank her neck with a guilty conscience.

A moment later, she came forward and gently pulled on Lin Zhihua’s clothes.

When he looked at her, Xue Jiao exposed two rows of teeth and smiled. Her eyes narrowed into a slit: “Zhihua.…..I’m hungry.…..”

Look, who was willing to be angry with her like this?

This girl had his lifeline.

Lin Zhihua reluctantly breathed out a breath, reached out and rubbed the messy hair of Xue Jiao. “You’re officially on winter vacation. I can’t be angry with you, but I must establish three rules.”

Xue Jiao opened her eyes wide and blinked, looking innocent.

Lin Zhihua let loose his brows, took her hand and kissed her: “First, three meals a day must be eaten on time. Do you promise?”

“Alright!” Xue Jiao was feeling guilty and nodded honestly.

Lin Zhihua continued: “Second, go to Wuliu Lane with me for lunch.”

Near the end of the year, he had no time to come back every day to cook for Xue Jiao, so he had to make preparations at Wuliu Lane.

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“What else?” Xue Jiao blinked.

“Third, for this holiday, you are not allowed to go to school to work on research projects!” Lin Zhihua’s voice became stern.

Xue Jiao looked at him and nodded.

She needed to write a paper this holiday, so she didn’t need to go to school to work on a project.

Seeing Xue Jiao’s honest agreement, Lin Zhihua finally showed a smile, and then released his suppressed feelings of yearning.

He reached out his hand with restraint, gently hugged the person, and then quickly released her: “My dear, I miss you.”

The voice was full of forbearance and restraint. It was like going back to the suffocating yearning of the previous half month, and the heart burned hard.

Xue Jiao hugged him back and soon loosened her grip: “I like you too.”

The haze under Lin Zhihua’s eyes disappeared in an instant. With such a treasure, he should also endure a little injustice.

Xue Jiao also knew that she was guilty towards Lin Zhihua. At noon that day, she had dinner with him in Wuliu Lane. However, because she wanted to go back to take a bath and rest, she did not accompany him in the afternoon.

When she got home, Li Sitong and Cheng Mingze were both there. They showed the same worried eyes as Lin Zhihua.

“Jiao Jiao? ! Why have you lost so much weight? !” Li Sitong’s voice was shocked.

She was originally thin, and her base was small. Losing eight jin was like losing a lot of weight all at once.

Xue Jiao smiled: “Isn’t it good to be thin. I’m only good-looking now in terms of weight and height. If I gain weight, I won’t look good.”

“Nonsense, you were thin at first, but now you are thinner!” Li Sitong looked serious.

Xue Jiao shook her head, but her voice was helpless: “Ok, alright, alright, I’ll make up for it soon. I won’t work on any projects this holiday, so I’ll make up for it.”

Li Sitong was satisfied with this, and then said with some complaints: “That’s right. You worked too hard in the past. You’re still an undergrad student, and you don’t need to work so hard. When you start graduate school, you will have a lot of research projects to work on, so you should take a break.”

Cheng Mingze closed his computer and said with a smile, “It’s not right for Jiao Jiao to work too hard, but this age is really the best time to work hard. How can you say that she shouldn’t work hard now because she can do a lot later? Jiao Jiao is now ahead of her peers. She will have it easier to achieve achievements than her peers in the future, but if she goes against the current, she will retreat.”

Li Sitong looked helpless and waved her hand: “Forget it, I can’t speak over you guys. All three of you are working hard.”

Xue Jiao exposed a smile and smiled at Cheng Mingze.

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