WFILTU Chapter 504 – Lost weight II

The next day, Xue Jiao took a trip to school again. After picking up Mai Jiajia, she sent her away from Beijing.

She doesn’t have many friends. Jiaxue and her were too far away from each other. They could only contact each other by phone occasionally and send something to each other.

Ding Qi would go abroad next semester, leaving only Mai Jiajia beside her.

After seeing off Mai Jiajia, the following winter vacation was not as busy as before, but there was still no leisure time.

Zhang Han has gone abroad, and Chu Sheng has also gone home. They could only discuss and write their papers in the group chat. They wrote their own main parts, then summarized them and revised them and it was approximately enough.

Most of the time that Xue Jiao had written her own paper, she was in Lin Zhihua’s office. He brought Xue Jiao to work in the morning and to Wuliu Lane for lunch at noon.

Then in the afternoon, he would leave work on time, bring Xue Jiao home to cook and eat, and occasionally go to the Cheng’s house for dinner.

It was clearly the Chinese New Year, but the whole Lin Shi had less overtime. After all, the boss doesn’t work overtime, so the employees don’t have to be so strict.

But relatively speaking, they were more busy during the day, and they needed to be more efficient.

With the “boss’s wife” in the company, the boss was really good tempered.

But she seemed to carry buffs, and the efficiency rate was terribly efficient.


That day, Xue Jiao sat beside the pink desk, looking straight at the screen, motionless.

Many people may think that Xue Jiao was in a trance, but when Lin Zhihua looked up at her, he smiled and shook his head. He knew that this was Xue Jiao being serious.

Near noon, Xue Jiao looked out the window and did not move, but Lin Zhihua knew that she was in a trance.

This was rare.

“Jiao Jiao?” Lin Zhihua wondered.

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Xue Jiao suddenly came back to her thoughts and spoke in surprise, “En?”

Lin Zhihua stood up, strode over, reached out and gently felt her head. “What’s wrong with you? You’re actually in a trance.”

“I’m worried about my final exam results.”

“En?” Lin Zhihua was surprised. Would Xue Jiao still worry about the test results?

Xue Jiao spoke about the things that occurred before with a sad face, and then sighed: “I think I can get a good score on the exam, but I’m afraid of the teacher.……”

There was a difference between college exams and high schools. Sometimes teachers’ preferences still have a great impact. Unlike high schools, there were no ordinary scores, and every point was a point.

Lin Zhihua smiled and lightly touched her forehead: “silly.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes widened and she looked at him suspiciously.

Lin Zhihua explained: “Your teacher cares so much about whether you properly attend class. I think he cared more about your grades and attitude. Your previous efforts will also leave an impression on him. As long as you have good grades on the paper and pass the total score, he will not deliberately embarrass you. Your school places much higher hopes on you than you think, so your absence from class will make him feel extremely angry.”

Xue Jiao blinked: “really?”


At the same time, at Tsinghua University in this city, Professor Zhen walked around with his hands behind his back in the office and his face tangled.

How could he not be entangled?

He was most angry with Gu Xuejiao, who was given an average score of 0 by him. Yet, Gu Xuejiao got full marks on the exam.

Full marks! !

The last big question was very difficult. There were three people who received full marks, but none of them answered the last questions as perfectly as Xue Jiao.

Such a perfect answer!

How many points do you give her?

Professor Zhen walked around, touching his bald head from time to time.

A moment later, he took the exam and looked at it again.

Before the end of this semester, this person was still very serious and almost all of the time she was sitting in the front row, and she was very serious.

Like every teacher in the math department, Professor Zhen knew of Gu Xuejiao.

He didn’t have force like Professor Tan did, so he didn’t have the desire to rob from Professor Tan, but he still appreciated this student.

However, the student’s absence from class to work on the project made him very angry. No matter how important the research project is, can she not even take out the time to attend a class? !

But in the end…… this student……got full marks!

Teacher Zhen walked around and finally made up his mind. He stepped forward quickly and registered a number behind Gu Xuejiao’s name.

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