SAPPS Chapter 125

“The teachers must not have eaten, so it’s better to go in together.” Wei San invited them in.

“Where is our residence?” The two investigators from Pingtong Academy Probably didn’t have time to spend and wanted to have a rest.

How did Wei San know where they lived? She looked at Jin Ke and said, “Youcai, do you know?”

Jin Ke originally came to take over. He spoke to the investigation team, “Teachers can follow me.”

“Are you not together?” Wei San watched them leave and turned to ask Ying Chenghe.

“I came to have dinner.” Ying Chenghe reiterated.

“Alright, invite me for dinner.” Wei San invited herself to a meal very skillfully.

Ying Chenghe and Wei San walked to the canteen together. They found an empty table and sat down.

“Aren’t you going to ask?” Ying Chenghe at Wei San who was opposite of him. When the major looked at the surveillance, they also saw it at school and came to take over.

Wei San propped her forehead with one hand and looked down at the food in front of herself: “What am I asking? The investigation team is none of my business.” Why would she get dizzy while eating.

“The military aircraft has an internal control camera, which the major has been watching just now.” Ying Chenghe explained, “The people who came to the investigation team had different thoughts. When they arrived at the port, major Li Ze received the news from the headmaster and wanted to avoid the limelight.”

Wei San raised her eyes. “I heard them say that the major’s mecha is gone, what does that mean?”

“The mecha that the major has been using has been destroyed on the battlefield. The current mecha is only for standby.”

The mecha of S-grade and above mecha would not be changed easily, because it took them many years to completely and perfectly fit with the mecha and give full play to the maximum ability of the mecha.

Major Li Ze’s mecha was destroyed, so he had to find a new S-grade mecha, which meant starting from scratch.

Ying Chenghe thought that it was better to start over than to die. The major was still young.

Wei San sighed: “His spare mecha is also an S-grade. It’s good to have money.”

Ying Chenghe: “……” Never ask Wei San for sensibility.

Beiwang building, in some room.

Li Ze and Jin Ke, who arranged the investigation team, as well as several other people from the school were inside.

“Pingtong Academy has always been indifferent to foreign affairs. Them coming here should be just a process.”

“What did you find out about the beast?”

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Li Ze spoke expressionless, “The other party’s hands and feet were very clean, and there were no clues left.”

“There is something strange about this. It is reasonable to say that other military academies have no reason to do this.”

“With so many 3S grade freshmen this year, maybe some military school panicked.”

Li Ze looked at Jin Ke: “You talk about it.”

“First of all, we can exclude the Imperial Military Academy, they won’t spend time on us. The  Samuel Military Academy has the most reason to do so, but they’re too obvious.” Jin Ke spoke cautiously, “Is it possible that it is the Independent Army?”

The room was silent.

Finally, a person in the school coughed and broke the silence: “This matter should continue to be investigated, and the investigation team should not let them walk around, and don’t bury any nails in Sadu star.”

“Li Ze, you can’t fall behind in training them.”

“I know.”

After the people from the school left, only Li Ze and Jin Ke were left in the room.

“Why would you guess it’s the Independent Army?” Li Ze questioned him.

“The Independent Army has been in the dark for so many years. If you want to disrupt the Federation, Sadu star is the best place to start.”

Li Ze didn’t agree or deny it, “You go back first.”

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