SAPPS Chapter 126

The school team training was divided into large and small teams. The small team consisted of five people and the large team consisted of 1000 people. The mecha unit was responsible for fighting, while the mecha engineers quickly repaired the mecha after the battle. The commander of the school team accepted the command of the main member and transmitted the command to the team.

The command perception was special. The higher level could link with the lower level, and the greater the difference, the more obvious the effect. For example, a 3S could directly control an A grade, and individual 3S command perceptions were extremely strong, and could even control SS grade. However, compared with the frantic mecha soldiers in the battle, the same type of command link was more convenient and safe. Therefore, a team of five was the most appropriate combination on the battlefield, and it has been continued in the competition.

It was said that Ying Xingjue of the Imperial military academy directly controlled the entire pre-war area, including the S-grade mecha single soldier, and won the victory in the magic night battle two years ago.

The youth became famous overnight.

Jin Ke was also a 3S grade commander. After training, he may be able to control the command of the entire pre-war area, but to include all the mecha soldiers. Not only could he not, he may even feel injured.

“So you won’t control me during the game?” Wei San sat on the rostrum of the playground and asked Jin Ke.

“I have to be busy contacting the commanders of other school teams. Mecha soldiers are not within my scope.” Jin Ke shook his legs with her. “If something happens to our main members, your team commander is powerful. He can bring you for a long walk.”

Wei San looked at him strangely: “Didn’t the teacher say that safety was the first and the competition is second?”

“The school team can, but the main members can’t help themselves.” Jin Ke looked at the students of the school team sitting in twos and threes at the bottom and smiled, “Our S-grade is the future of the military region. The more one is abolished, the higher the possibility that other military regions will take over.”

There were 12 military regions in the Federation. Apart from three military regions in the Imperial Military Academy, there were two military regions behind each of the other military academies, and one became the Independent Army, which was isolated from the Federation.

Over the years, there have been more or less casualties in the competition. The previous session of Shen Tukun was the one with the most serious casualty rate. The four major military academies wanted to annex Damocles Military Academy.

Nominally, there are various S-grade teachers in the competition. Once someone withdraws from the competition, they would go to stop it. But sometimes they even have no time to send them to the treatment cabin, and the students were hopeless.

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“This year will be even more cruel. The commanders of the major military academies, the mecha engineers and the mecha soldiers are not weak. However, there will be Ying Xingjue in the game. When the time comes, there will be at least ten majors as rescuers in each game, and there will be other teachers above the S grade.” Jin Ke supported the ground of the rostrum with both hands. “All of these majors came from the competition before.”

“Is major Li Ze also there?”

“He is, but not as a rescuer. The major’s mecha is gone, and he is still looking for a mecha engineer to rebuild it. It takes time.”

Wei San kicked Jin Ke: “Can the 3S grade commander interfere with the perception of the 3S grade commander?”

As soon as Jin Ke heard this, he knew what Wei San was thinking: “Yes, but if I met him, I would be half crippled even if I don’t die.”

“Really?” Seeing the teacher walking this way, Wei San stood up from the rostrum and said, “I think that Ying Xingjue is not in good health. It’s not good to play with him during the competition.”

“His perception level is too high and he consumes too much spirit.” Jin Ke grabbed Wei San’s trouser legs and got up.

“Shit, you’re going to tear my pants off.” Wei Sanyi pulled Jin Ke up and said, “How do I think you are very energetic?”

“I’m just an ordinary 3S grade, can I be the same?” Jin Ke glanced at Wei San, “but you are very depressed.”

“I stayed up all night, will Ying Xingjue also stay up all night?” Wei San shouted, did he think she was willing to wear two big black circles every day.

The two person looked at each other and sighed a long sigh.

——Life was hard.

“Gotta go. I’m going to train.” Jin Ke waved his hand.

They split up and went to their own training grounds.

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