SOOEW Chapter 384 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXXVII

Prince Long’s anger was even more direct compared to others. Seeing Wen Ying’s thin back walking in front of him, he immediately took a big stride to catch up with her. He strode in front of the mountain gate at a faster speed than Wen Ying. He could not help but raise his eyebrows at the latecomer, as if he were being provocative.

Wen Ying did not look at him, but took out the token from the previous pass and echoed with the mountain gate. A light white light was emitted on both sides.

Seeing that she was about to disappear in front of the door, Prince Long remembered that he came to work on the task. He hurriedly took out the token. The light in front of the door separated and covered his head. In the next second, the two people disappeared at the same time.

The serial tasks they worked on were only scattered errands and basic categories at the beginning. They became more and more complicated towards the end. The direction of guidance was like looking for a treasure. Naturally, Prince Long did not know about it. However, Wen Ying, as the owner of advanced information, recalled that it was very similar to one of the main lines in the game, looking for the jade seal.

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The background of the game “Chasing Deer” was the chaotic times. The king was unjust and fatuous, and the world was full of heroes. Therefore, there was a saying that “the one who gets the jade seal gets the world”. The so-called world in the game actually referred to the country, that is, the person who can get the precious jade seal in the final task obtains the right to build a country. At the current progress of the game development, the little guilds had no residence. The big guilds have already begun to overthrow the big bosses and explode the city building order. The fastest cities were driven by Wushuang, Heifeng and Fentian and they have already been half built. It could be said that the era of three cities dividing up land resources has been opened again.

Creating a nation was a deeper part of the holographic version of the game than the keyboard online game era. Compared with the city building order, there was obviously only one imperial seal, which meant that the competition between guilds would become more intense, and at the same time, it opened the prelude to the next stage of the game. It was a great temptation for people who desired to become famous and ascend to the peak of power.

It was obvious that this serial task was not only triggered by her and Prince Long, but it was just that the other people had not appeared yet.

In a short time, when the expansion film of the jade seal for the founding of a country is opened, more guilds would notice this main line task. Prince Long would also realize what line he has in his hand. Even guilds that have not triggered this task will also obtain the task line through other channels.

Thinking of this, Wen Ying arrived at a bright place in a switch from the darkness.

This was a magnificent palace decorated with singing, dancing and toasting. It was a lively scene. She danced uncontrollably among the dancing girls. During this period, when she turned around and flew in her long skirt, she caught sight of someone similar to Prince Long at the side of the food table.

It is said that he is similar because the other side’s expression was completely opposite to that of Prince Long. Compared with the way that Prince Long placed all his worries on his face, this person’s face was frosty and indifferent, like being possessed by Mobei Eagle.

Wen Ying, who thought so, doesn’t know what she looked like in the eyes of Prince Long.

A veil loomed over the dancer’s face. Only her eyes slanted like a horizontal wave, and her waist twisted unreasonably charmingly. Just after her cold expression, he suddenly saw her face. He was almost stunned, and the painstakingly suppressed appearance control content was ready to move. However, during the period when the game character was controlled by the system, his face did not show any emotion.

The dance stopped with the drumming. Wen Ying involuntarily knelt down with all the dancing girls to sit beside the dignitaries. Her position was just beside Prince Long.

When she raised her glass and fed it to his mouth, she suddenly found that her body could control itself. She did not pay attention to her hand and fed him two more bites.

Prince Long immediately choked and suddenly grabbed her wrist, gritted his teeth and smiled in a low voice, “Did you do it intentionally?”

“You’re overthinking your worth.” Her charming eyes were outlined by the gold powder and turned away slightly.

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  1. this game are so interesting. if this is ruler path.. there must be other paths like becoming number one chef, poison master or sum with intricated serial tasks.

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