WFILTU Chapter 506 – Publish Paper I

Someone was knocking at the door……

Lin Zhihua was stunned. Who was knocking at the door?

There were not many people who knew that he moved to this community. This knock on the door……was very much like Jiao Jiao.

But didn’t Jiao Jiao go out with Cheng Shuo and them?

Lin Zhihua was puzzled. He stood up and saw the girl standing at the door from the screen. His eyes lit up.

He quickly opened the door, then smiled and brought her in, covering her face exposed to the cold air. His voice was carrying traces of a smile: “where are your keys?”

He gave Xue Jiao the key to the house so that she could come at any time.

“I didn’t bring it with me when I went out.” Xue Jiao explained.

She looked at Lin Zhihua. She didn’t know why. She felt the pressure around him was a little low.

“Didn’t you go out with your family?” Lin Zhihua wondered. In the morning, he sent a message to Xue Jiao. At that time, she was preparing to go out.

He has even made preparations that he may not see Xue Jiao today……

Xue Jiao grinned and held Lin Zhihua’s hand. “Dad asked me to bring you with me. Let’s go together to buy New Year’s goods.”

Lin Zhihua was stunned, buy New Year’s goods……together?

The words seemed to have passed through his head several times, and then he nodded stiffly.

Xue Jiao’s mouth lifted slightly, and she could feel the air pressure on the man beside her rising, and the cold air began to warm up.


Lin Zhihua answered, took his phone and keys, and was led out by Xue Jiao.

She walked quickly and dragged him from in front, while he stared at the two people holding hands tightly. His originally serious expression gradually relaxed, and his mouth could not be controlled, rising slightly.

When Lin Zhihua drove his car to the door, another familiar car had stopped at the roadside.

Cheng Shuo rolled down the window and judged in a cold voice, “this slow?”

Before he spoke, Xue Jiao stuck out her head and waved: “No, it’s already fast enough. Dad, you guys lead the way in front!”

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Facing Xue Jiao, Cheng Shuo could not get serious. He shook his head with a smile and started the car.

Lin Zhihua followed up.

They went to the business district, which was the largest business district in the surrounding area, so it was difficult to drive in at this time. They found a place to stop early and then walked there with five people.

It was very cold on the road in winter. Right when they left the car, Lin Zhihua turned around and wrapped Xue Jiao with a thick scarf, and then held her hand covered in mittens.

Cheng Shuo’s side was also similar. Li Sitong cared more about her image than Xue Jiao, and her clothes were not as thick as Xue Jiao’s. Cheng Shuo tightly wrapped her hands.

Only Cheng Mingze rubbed his cold hands, filled his pockets, and walked between the two pairs of men and women.

Li Sitong couldn’t help laughing: “Mingze, you should remember to find a girlfriend after you’re done being busy. Look, your sister is ahead of you.”

Cheng Mingze stretched out his hand and pulled up his collar to cover half of his face. His young face was helpless.

Why are single dogs so unpopular these days?

There were five people along the way. Each and everyone’s appearances were top. Xue Jiao and Lin Zhihua’s appearance creates a want in people to take photos of them. Let’s not talk about them. Cheng Mingze was the male lead in the world, and his appearance was naturally impeccable.

Cheng Shuo was an elegant middle-aged and beautiful uncle. Li Sitong has basically done nothing in these years. She took care of herself every day. Although she didn’t look like a little girl, she was still beautiful and had a good temperament.

After entering the supermarket, Li Sitong and Lin Zhihua discussed what to buy……

“They all said that they would like to eat hot pot on New Year’s Eve this year. Does Zhihua eat hot pot?”

“Yes.” Lin Zhihua nodded. “Just tell me what kind of food you want. My friend has a farm dedicated to growing vegetables. It is ecologically clean.”

“Really? !” Li Sitong’s voice was pleasantly surprised. “Will it bother your friend?”

Lin Zhihua shook his head and said with a smile: “No, I’ll give you the number on the way back and you can tell them what vegetables and how much you want. But it’s better to call one day in advance. It’s a little far away. They can prepare it the next morning and bring the freshest over.”

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