WFILTU Chapter 505 – Lost weight III

This is the fourth New Year that Xue Jiao spent in this world. The winter of this year came early, and winter vacation was relatively late instead. The holiday was more than ten days, and New Year’s Eve approached with heavy snow.

This was the second new year for the Cheng family in Beijing. The whole family was still not used to such a cold winter, especially when there was heating in the house and it was snowy when they went out. This extreme contrast made them reluctant to go out.

However, they still needed to buy New Year’s goods. On the 29th day of the twelfth month, Cheng Shuo and his family went out together and planned to go to the city center to buy goods for the new year.

The family had just left the house, when Cheng Shuo stopped walking.

“What’s the matter?” Li Sitong looked over in doubt.

Cheng Shuo thought for a while and looked at Xue Jiao: “Did Lin Shi officially go on holiday yesterday?”

“En.” Xue Jiao nodded. Lin Zhihua was too busy recently, so Xue Jiao didn’t go to his company.

But last night, she still knew that Lin Zhihua had invited her to the company’s annual meeting, but Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed and didn’t go.

“Then it’s time for him to buy new year’s goods……” Cheng Shuo’s eyes were a little uncomfortable and he spoke wryly. “Although he can come to the house today since it was New Year’s Eve, but the house shouldn’t be left still, cold, and empty. You go and call him. Let’s go together.”

Cheng Shuo’s eyes were unnatural. He put his hands behind his back and hurried to the door.

Xue Jiao: “……”

Not to mention Xue Jiao, even Li Sitong and Cheng Mingze were extremely surprised.

You should know that Cheng Shuo was the one who doesn’t like Lin Zhihua beside Xue Jiao the most. This time, he even invited him……

Xue Jiao grinned and entered a good mood: “Wait for me!”

She turned around and ran straight to Lin Zhihua’s house.

Cheng Mingze and Li Sitong caught up with Cheng Shuo. Cheng Mingze could not help but frown and wonder: “Dad, what are you……”

Cheng Shuo looked at the ice and snow in his sight and said in a low voice: “They will get married after all, and I must admit that Lin Zhihua is the most suitable for Jiao Jiao. He could endure loneliness and was willing to wait for Jiao Jiao. When Jiao Jiao’s project was completed, she had dark circles, losing weight until only her bones were left. She only followed Lin Zhihua for ten days, and her face was ruddy. Lin Zhihua……took great care of her.”

As a father, even if he was not willing to give up his daughter, meeting a man who was really suitable for his daughter, he cannot always push him out.

Cheng Mingze nodded clearly and stopped talking.

He decided to be nicer to Lin Zhihua later.

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Lin Zhihua’s family.

“Son, your father and I really know we are really wrong. We can’t not spend the New Year together.” Lin Zhihua listened to the voice of Mother Lin on the other side of the phone. His face was expressionless.

Mother Lin continued to nag: “These bodyguards you looked for, don’t allow us to go here and there. I know you want them to watch me and your father, but isn’t this too much? They just rely on you to ignore us and bully us in private!”

Lin Zhihua’s eyes turned cold and his voice was light: “They stopped you because you wanted to find me, and you wanted to find Jiao Jiao, and even wanted to find the old man. I said before, those places you shouldn’t go, you definitely can’t go!”

“Lin Zhihua! Do you want to do this to your parents during the New Year? !”

“I will go back to have dinner with you at noon tomorrow, and I will send you to the old house tomorrow evening. You can meet the old man at will tomorrow evening.”

“Are you not at home tomorrow night for the New Year? ! I heard you moved to Gu Xuejiao’s community? Lin Zhihua, your surname is Lin, not a married-in son-in-law! Her Cheng family……”

Lin Zhihua tersely replied: “I’ll hang up if there’s nothing.”

At the moment when he hung up, Lin Zhihua heard Mother Lin yelling angrily at him——

“You don’t even go home for the New Year. Do you think it’s better to be alone? ! Lin Zhihua, you……”

The phone has already been hung up.

Lin Zhihua was staring at a place in a daze. New Year’s celebration……was he alone?

The room was a little empty, which made it seem cold and lonely.

The hot and noisy New Year was someone else’s home. For him, this day is no different from any other day. It’s enough for him to say Happy New Year to Jiao Jiao.

It’s just that before he knew Jiao Jiao, he never thought……he was so lonely when he was alone.

He was in a trance when the doorbell rang.

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