SOOEW Chapter 383 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXXVI

Wen Ying: “Duhuo.”

She suddenly solemnly called his ID name, and Duhuo’s heart suddenly jumped.

Duhuo: “What’s up?”

Luo Ying: “Thank you, but I don’t need it.”

The cover up and explanation that Duhuo had not been able to say stopped suddenly. After a while, he asked, “why?”

Luo Ying: “I’ll find it myself.” She paused. “If you have time, you might as well take care of the people in your guild. Don’t leave all burdens to your vice president.”

The previous sentence separated him as a stranger again. Duhuo was so furious, he almost flew into a rage when he heard those words, but before he lost his temper, he suddenly heard the supplement behind her. The familiar tone made him a little stunned, and he was hung up by the other party before he reacted.

Duhuo’s anger was extinguished, momentarily forgetting to find out where this sense of familiarity came from.

Zheng Yun naturally couldn’t hear what was said on Duhuo’s end, but he could hear what Wen Ying said.


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He pondered the name. The president of the Heifeng guild, this little sister actually knew him? Listening to this dialogue contained much information, such as the two people did not have an ordinary relationship by any means.

Those who could meet these two conditions and come from Wushuang guild at the same time, there was only——

“Luo Ying?”

He announced her name coldly.

Wen Ying subconsciously looked at him.

Zheng Yun smiled deeply from the bottom of his eyes, and his bent eyebrows looked a little brighter. “What a coincidence, little sister.”

He didn’t expect to meet her here.

Prince Long was in a bad mood for several days in a row, which was fully reflected in his fierce leveling. He once again surpassed Mobei Eagle and ranked first on the ranking list.

Ever since he promised to let Wen Ying to Duhuo, he didn’t go to find Wen Ying again. The scandal between the two people soon disappeared and was covered by other explosive news, especially focusing on the flash marriage and separation between Duhuo and Wen Ying.

Wen Ying was not unaware of his estrangement, but based on the sensitivity of her identity, she was worried about too many negative effects after exposure, so she didn’t take too much action. If they don’t come to her, she usually won’t go to find them.

But when both of them were working on serial missions, it was easy to meet at the same level.

This time, the setting was at a green mountain. There were stone gates on the mountain, and there were concave fingerprints on both sides. It was very similar to the common Jianghu mechanisms: the right person can try and enter. However, this was just a decoration in the game. Pushing through the door, there was a dark cave, empty. If they really wanted to enter the task copy, they still had to rely on the task token.

Wen Ying and Prince Long climbed up the mountain from two different paths and happened to meet on the hillside. Their eyes subconsciously met. Pince Long calmed down and didn’t talk to her. In his heart, he even planned how he would answer if she were to ask. Unexpectedly, she took the lead to remove her sight and brushed away like seeing someone she didn’t know.

Prince Long was stunned, and then some inexplicable anger came up.

What did she mean by this? !

At least they had also fought together. He consulted her about the task and in order to thank her, he even took her to level. He didn’t ask about her for a few days, yet she didn’t feel it was wrong at all?

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