SOOEW Chapter 382 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXXV

You can tell a person’s character by the way she eats.

She seemed to eat carefully and slowly, but her speed was not slow at all. She had no hesitation about the food given by strangers, which showed her generous and frank side. Of course, it can also be seen that she was self reliant and not easily harmed.

But Zheng Yun undoubtedly appreciated this type of person.

Previously, when he looked up and saw Wen Ying sitting on the treetop, he thought that she was the kind commonly seen in the game, claiming to be beautiful and just, and defending the weak for any reason, but she was more beautiful than ordinary women, and people were always more tolerant of beautiful things, so even if he was skeptical of her appearance and intentions, he did not show it.

When she repeatedly ravaged the gang members of the Qianji Lou who had no backhand power, he suddenly understood the reason for her action. Of course, the provocation of Wushuang guild was only an excuse. It seemed that she had just been promoted and wanted to hone her skills. It was likely that she just met the opportunity and wanted to have a try.

This reason was a little incredible for others, but he always thought that she had such a character.

He watched for a long time, and his sight was difficult to ignore. Wen Ying couldn’t help looking over.

“Do you want more?” He asked naturally.

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“Can I borrow the tool? I want to try it myself.”

Of course, Zheng Yun agreed, and also gave her personal instructions outside the court, step by step to teach her how to control the heat, brush the seasoning, etc., but Wen Ying didn’t adjust her cooking skills. If in reality, the chef was ok, and her technique consciousness was in, she wouldn’t do it too badly. Unfortunately, the original owner was also a daughter of gold who didn’t touch the water of spring, and she scorched the meat as soon as she started!

He held back his jumping eyelids, which beat frequently, and sincerely encouraged, “little sister tried this for the first time, and she has done it well.”

Wen Ying glanced at the charred meat and deeply felt that it was an encouragement that almost broke a person’s bottom line.

At this time, Wen Ying’s communication channel suddenly sounded, and she clicked in.

“Where are you?”

Duhuo’s voice sounded in her ear, and Luo Ying paused before saying, “No Trace Forest.”

After the “marriage” incident, the atmosphere between the two people had become a little strange. At first, Wen Ying met him without much knowledge of him, and she was always polite. But this time he helped her with the task, but she turned her head and kicked the person away. Even if she was forced to do nothing, she always felt a little sorry.

Fortunately, because it was a high intelligence NPC that came suddenly, there is no such troublesome rule as matchmaking in the Yuelao temple,

Luo Ying: “sorry about the previous thing, do you want any compensation?”

Duhuo: “… Put away your lines that an ex-wife who has seen the ghost wants to give alimony to her ex-husband. Do you want me to be laughed at by those people as a porcelain marriage?”

Luo Ying: “……”

Duhuo: “really, why did you run to that damn place!” He was a little impatient with his tone, as if he had something to say. He hadn’t been able to spit it out. After circling for a long time, he said, “I was unlucky when playing against a wild boss today. I accidentally found out the whereabouts of Qinghun…”

The so-called Qinghun was where the spirit of the goblin lies. After Wen Ying finished the promotion task, she had just changed from a small demon to a big demon. But if there is a real distinction and transformation in terms of magic, they need to find the spirit of the goblin at home. What kind of spirit they find will provide the path to what kind of demon she becomes. Wen Ying really often came out to find Qinghun after her promotion. She came to Wuji Lin with this consideration.


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