SOOEW Chapter 381 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXXIV

Wen Ying raised her hand and pushed the head that approached closer and closer to one side, “I don’t kill people.”

Zheng Yun immediately looked back. The corpses in that place had disappeared after being felt up. Only the fragrance of grass and soil remained on the ground. His black scarf covered the lower half of his face, and his eyes flickered.

It was like asking, “Do you really not kill?”

Wen Ying didn’t speak against the extremely hot eyes, and went to touch the rest of the people again. All kinds of shiny weapons and equipment were scattered on the ground, in sharp contrast to the gray copper plate just felt out by Zheng Pang.

The little dogleg who has never seen the world was simply stunned.

“Put it away properly.”

Zheng Yun smiled and followed up to collect the weapons and equipment one by one, and spoke wisely, “Little sister doesn’t lack these shoddy things at a glance. I’ll sell them at the market and give you money.”

She shook her head. “I don’t need it. You’re new. Keep it.”

Zheng Yun’s trumpet was level 39, which was considered the upper middle level in the game, but compared with Wen Ying, who has done the first tier of promotion tasks, he was equivalent to a little newbie.

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With the ability to summon wind and call for rain on the main account, Zheng Yun didn’t expect to be regarded as a newbie, but he soon accepted the new setting, shameless and shameless, and acted even harder as a good little assassin.  ” Little sister just had a fight. Are you hungry?”

Hunger in the holographic game was not real hunger, but a physical value. If the physical value was insufficient, let alone fighting, you can’t even walk.

Therefore, the game extended a daily cooking skill.

Zheng Yun had learned that he could survive in the wild in reality, so he was even more reluctant to return to the comfortable urban area in the game. Others brought several groups of dry bread and biscuits to cope with, but he filled the space with ingredients and tools, cooking delicacies to reward himself, and picked up the boss who doesn’t go out in the wild to hone his skills, which was very interesting.

At this moment, the shadow of the sun slanted westward, and the noise of the wild became quiet. He took out his own barbecue tools in the space and began cooking.

A man was always the most charming when doing things seriously. He set them up, lighted them up, placed meat on top, sprinkled spices, and his hands turned and moved under the light of the fire, just like playing a light dance music. His skillful actions revealed a thrilling look that unconsciously moved with him.

“Done.” He whistled. As soon as his eyes turned to Wen Ying, they became innocent and pure. He leaned over and handed the barbecue, “Little sister, try it?”

The delicious taste lured people to panic. Wen Ying took a bite skeptically, the crisp meat fragrance burst in her mouth, and the oil overflowed. Her eyes lit up, “delicious!”

At the same time, her body has a layer of “warm” gain state. If she was on an extremely cold map, it can play a good role in resistance.

Cooking skills brought auras of various states, but generally speaking, even if it was a restaurant opened by the system, it is a probabilistic event. Unless it was someone who appreciated and craved fine wine like the rich Prince Long, it would repeatedly open a state of attack. For example, Zheng Yun, a single player, was different. The success rate of making states of food has always been lower than that of restaurants. However, he could obtain a state blessing with a string of barbecue. It could be seen that his cooking skills have been trained to a high level, and he may also have additional probability equipment jewelry.

Zheng Yun handed her food while tilting his head to look at her.

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