WFILTU Chapter 498 – Big boss III

“You are.…..” Xue Jiao tried to open her mouth.

Lin Zhihua nodded and grinned, “I asked Chen Yan to buy it back. Do you like it? Put it here in the future, and you can use it when you want to come and study.”

Xue Jiao: “…….”

Lin Zhihua’s aesthetic was still very good, but she doesn’t know why, this aesthetic was so terrible, it was basically a suffocating straight male aesthetic.

“Do you think.…..this office is suitable for a pink table?”

“Is there a problem?” Lin Zhihua was surprised.

Xue Jiao stuck up two fingers: “First of all, it doesn’t match very well. Secondly, whoever comes to your office in the future will guess that this table is for a girl…”

Lin Zhihua turned his head and looked at the table. As long as he thought that this table would be used by Xue Jiao, he felt it was very suitable. He even saw the feeling of lovers’ table with his big desk not far away.

As for the second point.….. he couldn’t wait for the whole world to know that Xue Jiao is his girlfriend.

At this time, Xue Jiao said, “But for your hard preparation, I will reward you.”

Before Lin Zhihua reacted, Xue Jiao looked up, tiptoed and kissed him on the cheek.

Lin Zhihua regained consciousness and subconsciously wanted to pull the person over to deepen the kiss.

Xue Jiao reached out to his lips and smiled, “no, today is not a date, it’s a business appointment. It’s time for you to work and I should study.”

Lin Zhihua: “……”

Lin Zhihua sat back at his big desk and began to work. Xue Jiao sat at the pink table and opened her textbook and notebook.

He looked at her face, shook his head gently, and smiled from the corners of his mouth.

This day was the best day for Lin Zhihua since he went to work. He was very efficient, and glanced at the girl from time to time, and his mood became very good.

For Lin Shi’s employees, today was also their most relaxed day recently.

Today, the boss spoke so well that it’s easy to pass the report.

Of course, sometimes Lin Zhihua’s anger would be touched head on, but as long as he turned his head and glanced at the girl sitting not far away, his tone would become a lot more gentle, pointing out the problem and asking them to change it.

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“The boss was so easy to talk to today!!”

“I was ready to be scolded, but the boss took it lightly……”

“I feel that the boss will become different when the little madam sits next to him.”

“Is the little madam really so good-looking? Our department manager is on a business trip and can’t go up to report.”

“She’s so beautiful! A fairy, my God, she’s better than the spokesperson of our latest project!”

“Better than an A-list star? You’re exaggerating right?”

“I’m not boasting, it’s true. I followed the manager over.”

“Wow, secretary Wu spoke! That must be true!”

“Her good looks, Central Academy of Drama or Beijing Film Academt? Wasn’t it said that she’s still a student?”

“Good looking is not necessarily a future star, and the boss’ girlfriend is not necessarily obvious.”

“I suspect she is a top student……”

Looking at the heated discussion in the group, Xiaoyue and Suxi looked at each other without saying anything.

They saw through but didn’t tell, although they already know the specific situation of the boss’s girlfriend.

But they still know that some words can be said and some words cannot be said.

If the boss gets married in the future and the name of the madam is published in front of the public, then everyone will naturally know how powerful this little girl is.

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