SOOEW Chapter 378 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXXI

At the same time, his communication channel “diddidi” kept ringing, and the name of Prince Long was particularly eye-catching.

He casually agreed to the call, and there was a sudden roar, deafening him.

Prince Long: “Are you crazy? !”

Duhuo: “……”

Prince Long: “what task? You helped Luo Ying work on the task? Love over gold, ha? When did you meet her?”

Duhuo: “.…..earlier than you anyway.”

Prince Long: “I [beep -], if she’s your girl, why didn’t you say it earlier?!”

Duhuo: “say fart!” He was also angry, “say it earlier, say it earlier, would I know? I also want to ask you how you know her, I have already decided.…..forget it.”

Prince Long: “Ok, let’s not mention the past.” He kept his rare silence and said, “dog blood is enough once. I admit that I have a little favor for her. Beauty ah, heroes can’t escape from ancient times. But this time you met her first, I’ll let you take care of her.”

Duhuo sniffed lightly, “What kind of literature and art are you selling? What kind of love saint are you pretending to be? Are you blind? Don’t you see I’ve been kicked?”

Prince Long: “I saw.”

Duhuo: “And then?”

Prince Long: “I also saw that someone on the world channel said she was that woman. Let me make it clear to you first that she and I met on the same serial mission. In two different towns, it’s unlikely that it was human. If you like her, you’d better not be suspicious.”

Duhuo didn’t speak.

Ever since the “final battle”, he and Prince Long have increased contact invisibly. After all, they have been reduced to the same embarrassing situation.

But compared with him, Prince Long seemed to be actively wanting to list Liu Yan as wanted from the beginning, and it seemed that he was the one who really cared about it. He didn’t say a word, but the thorn never disappeared. Yes, Luo Ying was a Wushuang person. She was very similar to Fei Xue, which often made him make mistakes, but……

He always remembered the day when he met her.

If he didn’t ask someone to check her account and take the initiative to come to her door to solve the unnecessary siege, they wouldn’t have any intersection at all.

At this time, even if he doesn’t talk to others, he can’t help facing the thoughts in his heart.

He liked her.

Mobei Eagle doesn’t pay much attention to the world channel, but he couldn’t prevent others from paying attention to it for him. As soon as he got on his trumpet, Zheng Yun met a wonderful play of the year, and immediately sent a message to tease him, “who is this, and is it that charming beauty again?”

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Mobei Eagle gave him a “?”.

Zheng Yun knew that once he devoted himself to work, he would forget himself. He couldn’t help but popularize science for him.

He didn’t notice that the Mobei Eagle’s expression over there slightly changed, and he said, “I didn’t see it last time. This time, I should see her. Don’t send me photos, I want to see the real person. Only when the beauty moves is there taste.…” Halfway through his words, he finally found that the other party was not in the right state.

“Are you free?” Mobei Eagle threw him a few faint words.

“I’m fine. It’s not my turn to worry about the Wuying Pavilion. I’ll just be a behind the scenes controller.” He said, “but I have a new woman named Liu Yan. I heard that she came from Wushuang? The goblin profession is rare, and the lucky value is very high. Are you willing to give such a person to me?”

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