SAPPS Chapter 119

In the next second, Li Ze stopped the aircraft horizontally in front of them, jumped out in mid air, stepped in front of them with his feet, and smashed the front glass of the aircraft with a punch.

Wei San: “….”

Jin Ke: “…”

Ying Chenghe: “….”

He was worthy of being the major. The aircraft manufacturer claimed that this piece of glass could not be broken, but the major broke it with one punch.

Li Ze had gone out to do something, but the aircraft suddenly brushed past him, and Jin Ke looked at him with a twisted face inside.

At that moment, major Lize’s brain flashed with several possibilities, all centered on someone trying to kidnap the 3S commander of Damocles Military Academy.

“Ying Chenghe?” Li Ze didn’t expect that there was another student in the car.

Wei San braked in time since Li Zi stopped sideways just now. At this moment, she was facing major Li Ze’s fist.

Li Ze looked at the two students inside with free hands and feet and ruddy faces. Finally, he noticed something strange. He pulled out his fist and stared at Wei San through the broken hole for a long time: “You are.……the Wei San who flipped over the wall?”

In the end, three people were caught.

“What were you doing with your face twisted against the glass just now?” Li Ze frowned and looked at Jin Ke. He was usually smart and steady, which led him to mistakenly think that something had happened when he saw the expression just now.

Jin Ke bowed his head: “Exercising facial features.”

Li Ze: “….”

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Wei San quietly gave Jin Ke a thumbs up on the side. Even this excuse can be said, talent.

“You guys came out to play?” Li Ze glanced at Wei San and his gaze finally landed on Ying Chenghe. He wondered why two 3S students would mix with an ordinary A-grade student.

Ying Chenghe also bowed his head: “En, we came out to relax.”

In recent weeks, the students have been under great psychological pressure, and the later, the greater the pressure would be. Li Ze knew that, so he did not prohibit them from coming out.

“Next time don’t make such an exaggerated expression against the glass.” After finishing with Jin Ke, Li Ze said to Wei San, “don’t drive so fast.”

Ying Chenghe saw that he was so ready to go, and subconsciously shouted, “major.”

Li Ze turned back and looked at the student, “what’s up?”

“The glass is broken. It needs money to be repaired.”

Li Ze wrapped his mind twice before he finally realized what he was saying: “do you want me to compensate you?”

Originally, Li Ze thought Ying Chenghe would shake his head immediately, but he didn’t expect him to firmly say, “I just need you to pay for repairing the glass.”

Li Ze: “….”

These students turned out to be s……not understanding of the situation.

Jin Ke and Wei San were also quite shocked. Looking at Ying Chenghe, a child of an aristocratic family who had no idea of money a month ago, he dared to directly ask the major to pay for a piece of glass.

The four people looked at each other and felt the meaning of the collapse of human design.

Ying Chenghe brazenly received major Li Ze’s compensation and watched the major leave with a cold face.

Wei San looked at Ying Chenghe and shook her head, “that was not necessary.”

Jin Ke also shook his head: “Cheng He, where is your generosity?”

Ying Chenghe looked straight ahead: “just now the major gave too much. After repairing the glass, we can have dinner together.”

Wei San immediately changed her tune: “Chenghe, being a man is like you, with a clear distinction between public and private matters.”

Jin Ke gave a thumbs up: “worthy of being our friend!”

The three people were a little delayed by the time. When they arrived at the hotel, Li Pi and Shiniang had already finished their breakfast in the cafeteria.

Jin Ke took out the map and talked clearly, as if he had been to all these places.

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