WFILTU Chapter 495 – Tender Grass III

Xue Jiao was also a little helpless. This project was really too difficult.

It has been almost a year, and this project could only see a faint candle light. Where was the dawn? There was no sign yet.

“It’s not far from the end of the term. Don’t stay in the lab today. Go review.” Zheng Jiakun put down his things, pushed his glasses and said.

Today was Saturday, everyone had no class.

“Alright, let’s go and review. Senior sister Zhang Han’s side should be done in a few days.”

“Alright.” Xue Jiao answered and left the laboratory with her school bag on her back.

She planned to go to the library to review first, but even on Saturday, the library was full.

Xue Jiao thought for a while and then sent a message to Lin Zhihua——

[Are you busy today? Are you in the company? I’ll go over to review?]

The message replied quickly. It was Lin Zhihua’s voice——

“I’m very happy. Jiao Jiao, I’ll pick you up?”

His voice was very happy.

Xue Jiao replied back to him——

【No need, I’ll go home first, get some books, and then take a taxi over.

Lin Zhihua refused her: “Then I’ll let Tan Qi pick you up, and then send you home, and then send you over.”

Xue Jiao thought for a while and agreed.

Xue Jiao here was waiting for Tan Qi, while Lin Zhihua on the other hand, hung up the phone, immediately raised his mouth and reached out to ring the bell.

Chen Yan quickly came in: “Boss.”

“Chen Yan, please order a set of desks for me immediately. Order them in pink for Jiao Jiao. The materials should be safe and clean, not too big or too small. Send them quickly.” Lin Zhihua ordered.

Chen Yan was stunned for a moment and hurriedly replied; “Ok.”

Forty minutes later, from downstairs of Lin Shi, a person came to deliver the tables, and then ostentatiously moved them up.

The table and stool were not packed. They are made of wood and painted with pink paint. Obviously, they have been ventilated for a long time, so there was no packaging.

It was just wrapped with a piece of white cloth and sent upstairs from the staff elevator.

Very soon, Lin Shi’s private WeChat blew up——

“Big news!! big news!! Secretary Chen bought a pink desk for the boss and moved it up!!”

“What? Pink???”

“Our company is short of desks?”

“Short my ass. Didn’t you see it was sent to the boss’s floor?”

“That may also be used by others…..”

“The boss has a daughter???”

“… Xiao Gu is crazy. Even if the boss is old enough to have a daughter, can they use this height as a desk?”

“Fuck! Fuck!! Is it the little girlfriend of the boss?”

“No, I saw the boss’ girlfriend last time. Although she looks quite small, she should……not be a high school student?”

“… in fact, there is a lot of homework in college…”

“I think that with the boss’s personality, looking for a girlfriend, they should not be a nerd? Maybe not a student.”

“Maybe the desk is not for homework?”

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Regarding the boss gossip, it could be said that the whole company all cared.

Suxi and Xiao Yue at the front desk were chatting while carefully brushing the group’s messages.

“The boss’ girlfriend really looks very young. She feels like she is seventeen or eighteen.”

“I also think that last time they only looked at the photos. That day, she was dressed up maturely, but her face should still be small when looked at carefully.”

“I also think, maybe high school graduation? Or senior high schooler?”

“Freshman is also not impossible!”

As they talked, they noticed that someone came outside and saw the person who led them clearly. They immediately stood up straight, put away their mobile phones, and kept looking warm and pretending to smile.

Tan Qi pushed the door open with a domineering face, swept across the hall with a cold face, immediately grinned, turned around, and respectfully invited the people behind him to come in: “please come in…”

Xue Jiao nodded with a smile and walked in.

She first smiled at Suxi and Xiao Yue, and then walked over. Before she got close to the passage, someone came out from the side elevator.

The man who could let others sweat with just a glance strode out, which made Suxi and Xiao Yue even stiffer while smiling, and their eyes didn’t dare to turn around.

“Jiao Jiao……” the man’s voice was soft and affectionate.

Xue Jiao walked over with a smile, and then was pulled on the pony tail by Lin Zhihua. They gently held hands and walked to the elevator.

She also turned back to greet Susie and Xiao Yue: “bye, little older sisters.”

“Bye… Byebye…” the two people turned their heads stiffly and stammered.

Also at this time, they noticed what Xue Jiao was wearing today.

A tall ponytail, wearing a medium long down jacket, carrying a lot of books and a very obvious schoolbag.

This was definitely a student!!

Their boss chewed on tender grass!!!

The two of them stared at the “old cow” who naturally took over the “tender grass”’s bag and walked in. He also bowed his head and said something from time to time, and his eyebrows and eyes warmed up.

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