WFILTU Chapter 491 – Family Dinner II



“En?” Lin Zhihua turned his head and looked at her tenderly.

Xue Jiao spoke with a smile, “if I want to borrow your power, will you let me borrow it?”

“En?” Lin Zhihua’s head short circuited for a moment, but his hand was still driving smoothly.

When Jiao Jiao got in his car, he would always be extra careful for fear of a mistake.

“Bully others with your power.” Xue Jiao’s eyes turned, “I want to take advantage of your power to deceive people!”

Lin Zhihua looked stunned and almost thought he had heard wrong.

But it was only for a moment before he smiled, very happy and proud.

“Jiao Jiao, you’re not borrowing my power, that’s your power.” His voice was affectionate, “Mine are yours.”

Xue Jiao blushed and stared at him angrily.

The car quickly entered the garage, and Lin Zhihua took her hand and sent her home.

“I really want to take you home directly…”

Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed. She was supposed to have a date with Lin Zhihua today, but Cheng Shuo informed her to go home for dinner in advance today. In fact, she didn’t have much time to eat with her family, so she hurriedly agreed.

Her eyes suddenly turned and she said tentatively, “why don’t you come home with me today?”

Without hesitation, Lin Zhihua immediately answered, “Ok.”

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Xue Jiao: “……”

Therefore, when Cheng Shuo opened the door, he was met with Lin Zhihua’s annoying face.

“…… this is a family dinner. What are you doing here?”

Lin Zhihua’s mouth rose slightly: “It’s because it’s a family dinner, so I came.”

Cheng Shuo: “……”

Trees without skin will surely die. People without skin are shameless and invincible.

“Oh, Zhihua also came. Come in quickly!” Li Sitong’s voice behind Cheng Shuo was pleasantly surprised.

Lin Zhihua swaggered in holding Xue Jiao and said with a smile, “Hello, uncle and aunt.”

Cheng Mingze was opening a bottle of red wine in his hand. When he saw Lin Zhihua, he glared at him.

Why was this shameless person here?

They already came, and couldn’t be rushed out, especially with the two women in the family who welcomed this man.

A big table full of dishes and red wine.

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong naturally sat on one side, Lin Zhihua and Xue Jiao sat on the other side. When Cheng Mingze sat down, he looked at both sides.…..suddenly he felt something was wrong……

“Today is not a special day, but recently, our family is busy and rarely get together. I am busy with the company, Mingze is also busy with entrepreneurship, Jiao Jiao.…..”

Cheng Shuo paused and continued, “Jiao Jiao has to study and fall in love. The schedule is too tight. We haven’t sat together like this for a long time.”

“Dad……” Xue Jiao opened her mouth, a little guilty.

At this moment, she suddenly found that she had given Lin Zhihua time and owed her family.

People were always like this. The people closest to them and closest to them were also likely to become the most easily ignored people.

Xue Jiao’s mood suddenly became a little depressed. Lin Zhihua held her under the table and comforted her silently.

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