SOOEW Chapter 370 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXIII

“What about Liu Yan?”

“I’ll compensate. I’ll compensate her with a separate sum for time loss, spiritual loss and youth perishable expenses, is that enough?”


The two people had a tit for tat, but the party concerned was ignored and attracted the strange attention of the public.

Duhuo looked at the situation in front of him and caught the jade pendant hanging around his waist. He and Prince Long were both enemies and friends. They had a very thorough understanding of each other’s temperament. He has always acted decisively and simply, but he was particularly tolerant of girls. He rarely gets entangled with a woman he doesn’t know.

He automatically ruled out the possibility of meeting for the first time, so——

When did they……meet?

Ying Yuepo’s story was so wonderful that there were many people present at that time, and the guild didn’t put forward a ban, so people from all angles recorded videos and posted them to the forum, causing a sensation.

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In the online game world, the keywords beauty, expert and guild president can attract a large volume of traffic. This time was no exception, not to mention the uproar some time ago, which attracted the attention of many players. Some people specially went to take a group photo of her. The Charming Beauty was actually fake. The public immediately felt that they had been hurt by 10000 points and cheated of their feelings.

“You can’t blame the sister for this. Didn’t she deny it from the beginning? Who made them not believe it!”

“She said no in her mouth, but her body was honest. Wouldn’t she look for evidence everywhere if she was in a hurry to explain? But take a look at the other people. Don’t be too carefree, carrying the name of a Beautiful woman and entering Mobei’s Wushuang team.”

“……I don’t think I can understand the routine of Wushuang guild. At first, I thought it was a story about a ox breaking off as a spy. Later, I found out that it was a cruel love drama about a man giving up his own woman for the world, but now I suddenly discovered that my beautiful goddess was a cannon fodder for making soy sauce. Is this actually another woman intervening in a relationship dog blood drama?!”

“It’s not very good to give the “other woman” as a name before things are clear. She may have washed her hands after doing a lot of work. She has stopped playing games for a long time. Let’s see how noisy your yys are.”

“I just want to say——I have found a new goddess! Ah, the goddess looks so handsome when facing a power. I support the goddess to turn the sky!”

“Who did it?”


The forum was so noisy that the three guilds in the game quieted down. The members of Wushuang guild who were originally in the center of the storm suddenly felt the taste of calm, and suddenly began to wonder who the real beauty was. Especially after asking many people, including those who hold important positions in the guild, they didn’t know it. This curiosity also reached the peak. The more the secret was hidden, the more serious the fermentation was. Unexpectedly, someone directly sent the message to Mobei Eagle.

Mobei Eagle didn’t respond. After watching the video, he sent a message to Wen Ying, “Don’t get too close to them.” After a while, he said, “What if they recognize you?”

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