WFILTU Chapter 487

Xue Jiao blushed and continued, “What if I don’t think it’s good ever?”

Lin Zhihua’s voice was firm: “Then keep thinking, I will always wait.”

Xue Jiao buried her face in his back, but her sweet smile never fell.

Was love like this? You can feel very happy talking nonsense.

As long as she stays with him, she feels sweet in her heart.

Xue Jiao pinched the fox and tightened her hand. In her heart, she said, this guy was quite easily jealous.

In those days, the little prince comforted her by saying that he should love foxes rather than roses. In fact, at that time……he already liked her.

Xue Jiao blushed, reached out and grabbed Lin Zhihua’s cheek: “You are really a fox! A cunning fox.”

Lin Zhihua licked his lips and chuckled, “Then you are the person who domesticated the fox. I am a domesticated fox and only listens to you.”



One with a red face and a smile on her face laid behind, and the other looked ahead with his mouth raised.

At night, the light was not strong. He carried her all the way to the parking place, and then gently put her down: “We’re home.”

Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment, and then stared at him.

It’s obviously two houses. Why did he say they went home?

Lin Zhihua chuckled and didn’t care that she still stared at him, “Jiao Jiao, are you going to work overtime tonight?”

Xue Jiao was very busy, and she was a person who does nothing less. After going out on a date with him, she must work overtime when she goes back

“Yes.” Xue Jiao didn’t deny it, but said, “Don’t worry, there won’t be many tasks left, it will only take a short time.”

Lin Zhihua nodded, drove the car smoothly and sent her back.

He was just thinking that he could arrange less time-consuming activities such as watching movies in the future.

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Xue Jiao maintained a balance between feelings and work, and was full and happy every day.

At the beginning of August, the grades of all subjects were released. Although there was no blatant ranking, the monitor also had a total score, which they can ask in private.

That day, Xue Jiao was working on a project, but her phone kept shaking with messages.

When she finished her dinner, she found that her classmates surrounded her in the class to praise her.

“Congratulations, Gu Xuejiao!”

“Too powerful, great God!”

“God, how can you get full marks for several major courses!”



Mai Jiajia also knew Xue Jiao’s grades and immediately wrote her a private letter——

[my God! Woo woo woo, why are you so awesome when we both reviewed for the finals together?]

Even Ding Qi sent a message to congratulate her, but also told her another message——

[Jiao Jiao, I did ok on the exam this time, so I will probably go abroad to continue my studies at the end of sophomore year. Let’s get together more this year, my friends……are only you guys now.]

The corners of Xue Jiao’s mouth slowly fell down, and her eyes were slightly dim.

Speaking of, she was a little sorry for Mai Jiajia. They used to live in a dormitory for four people. One of them…….left, and another was going abroad after her sophomore year. She also spent all day in the laboratory herself. Instead, Mai Jiajia had no company and had to meet new friends again.

Xue Jiao sighed slightly and replied: alright.

Was life like this? We all go in different directions. No matter how good the relationship is, we can’t go together.

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