WFILTU Chapter 483 – Fox III

When he opened the door, he noticed that there was not only the other party’s boss and secretary, but also a woman who looked familiar and should be a star.

Before Lin Zhihua entered the door, Chen Yan immediately whispered, “Che Xiaoxuan is a first,  second-line actress.”

He frowned slightly but still walked in.

“President Lin has come, sit down quickly!” Inside, a man with a big stomach stood up and greeted him.

Lin Zhihua moved his mouth and politely said, “President Xiao has been waiting for a long time.”

“Hai, it’s me who came early. It’s all right. Come on, come on, Che Xiaoxuan pour water for President Lin.” President Xiao raised his brows to the other woman.

The woman hurriedly stood up and said with a smile, “I’ve heard about President Lin for a long time, so Xiao Xuan made a fool of herself to make a cup of tea for President Lin.”

Those who could be a star naturally look good, especially this one in front who was still famous for her appearance.

She knelt down calmly beside and began to brew tea. From her manners to her movements, it can be seen that she had definitely learned.

Che Xiaoxuan looked at Lin Zhihua from time to time, with a lingering hook, the meaning is self-evident.

Lin Zhihua ignored her, only looking at President Xiao: “President Xiao, I personally think that the cooperation between Lin Shi and your company is mutually beneficial. Do you have any ideas about cooperation?”

“It’s a good thing that we can cooperate with Lin Shi!” President Xiao is happy and smiling.

Lin Zhihua looked at him with a natural attitude: “let’s draw up the contract.”

“I have the same intention!” President Xiao is smiling.

He sat opposite Lin Zhihua, and his attitude seemed very natural, except that is, his eyes kept glancing at the female star next to him, suggesting something.

“What objection does President Xiao have?”


Next to her, Che Xiaoxuan leaned against Lin Zhihua and handed the cup: “President Lin, Xiao Xuan made a fool of herself. Please try Xiao Xuan’s craft.”

President Xiao was originally prepared to relax the atmosphere and talk later, but Lin Zhihua pressed step by step, and he was also able to set out his eyes in advance.

“It’s like this… Of course, the cooperation direction is mainly Lin Shi, and I will cooperate with  President Lin. it’s just.……can this share make me more than one percent? This 30-70% ratio is really a little.……”

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Lin Zhihua interrupted him, “I remember I said before, 30% at most.”

President Xiao’s face froze.

From the side, Che Xiaoxuan smiled and said, “President Lin, you haven’t tasted Xiao Xuan’s craft yet?”

As she spoke, her body almost stuck onto Lin Zhihua’s.

Lin Zhihua “Shu” stood up, looked down at her coldly, and slowly opened his mouth——

“Since you know your ugliness, what else do you offer?”

He raised his feet, turned around and walked away: “since your company is not sincere, then this cooperation is over.”

Lin Zhihua said softly as he walked, “Chen Yan, help me make an appointment with President Wang.”

President Wang is always the boss of another energy company, and President Xiao is always at odds with him.

“Hey — President Lin, wait, let’s talk again, wait –” President Xiao rushed out with a worried voice.

Lin Zhihua had a furious expression on his face and left directly with Chen Yan.

Seeing that he couldn’t catch up, President Xiao turned around and kicked over the table with a calm face: “wasn’t it said that Lin Zhihua was ok?! what’s going on?!”

According to previous rumors, Lin Zhihua doesn’t like women, and it’s all against themselves to trick him.

Therefore, no one has dared to hit him in the face like this before, but recently it has been rumored that Lin Zhihua was fine?

Photos of him holding hands is already there, what else could be wrong!

Today’s reaction…….

The secretary nearby trembled and said, “maybe.……he doesn’t like this style?”

“President Xiao…” Che Xiaoxuan said timidly.

President Xiao always stared at her: “useless thing!”

It’s hard to invite Lin Zhihua out, but he showed full “sincerity”, and naturally he also wanted to fight for full interests. Who knows…….

He was still vaguely afraid. If Lin Zhihua still couldn’t touch women, his behavior today was to slap him clearly……

What more cooperation? This was death!

“Ask Lin Zhihua again! Help me apologize. We can’t give up this cooperation to the surname Wang! We also can’t offend Lin!”


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