WFILTU Chapter 482 – Fox II

He glanced at the picture next to his side again, and then he became weak: “……ok.”

Chen Yan left with tired feet, his eyes gradually confused, and his heart began to doubt life.

Why did you fall in love when we agreed to be workaholics together?

The boss is richer and more capable than him. Now he.……has a partner.

How can this world be like this?

Not long after Chen Yan left, Manager Wen knocked at the door.


As soon as he spoke, Manager Wen came in trembling with the report: “Bo bo bo bo boss…”

“Let me have a look.” Lin Zhihua reached for the report and motioned for Manager Wen to sit down.

He always had no expression. His eyes were sharp. He bowed his head slightly and began to read the report.

Manager Wen sat down uneasily, and secretly observed his expression from his periphery.

Lin Zhihua looked at it carefully. Manager Wen didn’t dare to speak. He could only glance at it randomly, and he was quite nervous.

Manager Wen is an old man. He was there when Lin Changping ran the company. At that time, the boss was easy to fool. They usually didn’t have much to do.

After Lin Zhihua came back, the situation changed completely. Although he no longer had to worry about the bankruptcy of the company, many without strength were slowly kicked out of the company.

Manager Wen also has strength and stayed.

But Lin Zhihua was a workaholic and knew so much that he could see their problems at a glance and he couldn’t be fooled at all.

His rewards and punishments are also clear. If he does well, the bonus is very high, but if he does not do well…….

Then be careful not to be squeezed out by others.

Manager Wen is a high-level manager, but there is no way. The competition is fierce these days, and new people emerge endlessly. He dares not to do things carelessly.

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Faced with the boss much younger than himself, Manager Wen is very scared.

He couldn’t help but move his eyes. It was right on the previous photo, not right on him, but he could also see it clearly.

Was this the boss’ wife who saved him yesterday? She’s really beautiful, but.…..she’s too young, isn’t she?

Manager Wen began to be absorbed.

“What are you looking at?” Lin Zhihua suddenly asked.

Manager Wen almost subconsciously replied, “Boss’s wife.”

At that moment, he seemed to be struck by thunder, and his face turned white.

It’s over……

He was going to lose his job!

His daughter-in-law and children had no one to raise them!

Lin Zhihua nodded calmly and replied, “Oh.”

He closed the report and said, “There is still a problem on page 16. You can calculate the budget again, and then give it to Tan Qi.”

Manager Wen hurriedly answered, “OK… Ok…”

When he walked out of the office, he was still a little confused. His feet were floating. He looked at the report on his hand and turned to the closed door.

This.……this was it?


Manager Wen was delighted, his hands folded, and he thought silently——

The boss’ wife is very kind. Wen Yu thanked her here!

Then he stepped away, walked lightly, and passed  a message to the group——

The boss has a photo of him and his wife on his desk!

Also from here, the news that Lin Zhihua has a girlfriend and she was likely to be Lin Shi’s female boss in the future spread.

First, it circulated within the company, and then it began to spread outside. As long as you know and care, you will know.

As for Lin Zhihua’s physical problems, he failed to attack himself.

Cover other’s eyes and ears?

At the beginning, when the situation was so critical, Lin Zhihua didn’t want to hide from people’s eyes and ears. Now that Lin Shi is booming, how can it be hiding from people’s eyes and ears?

The next day, Lin Zhihua went to talk about cooperation with an energy company and made an appointment in the club.

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