SAPPS Chapter 108

“Massacre day bet!”

On Sunday as Wen Ying awoke, the whole three underground floors were filled with strange excitement. The casino was full of banners written as “Massacre Day” to let people place bets.

She asked someone what that meant.

“Did you just join L3? On Massacre Day, the major random pools gather together. On this day, all the people who remained on the third floor would compete,” the other party pointed to the popular players on the light screen, “and these people would kill and harvest weak chickens unilaterally if they met.”

Wei San: “……” no wonder many people left yesterday.

[God of death vs Bowing to life, the game time is 9:00 p.m.]

Wei San was still wondering if there is any change in the star coins and points in today’s competition. Her ID was displayed on the largest light projection in the hall.

The passer-by who just finished the explanation looked at the picture of Bowing to Life on the light screen, then turned to look at Wei San, exhibiting sympathy: “Are you Bowing to Life? If you can, you’d better admit defeat as soon as you get on the stage.”

Wei San frowned when she thought of the game between Death God and Monkey. She didn’t like such people and it was troublesome to fight them.

After the curtain of light flashed, a group of people immediately surrounded the gambling table to place bets. Even the passer-bys rushed over and shouted, “I bet two million star coins on Death God!”

Wei San: “……”

After watching for a while, Wei San also went over and took out the 3.5 million star coins she had just earned yesterday and bet them on herself.

“You’d better bet on Death God. You can still get some money back for treatment.” Passers-by advised.

Wei San hasn’t been afraid of anyone yet. She motioned to the betting officer to accept her money: “Just place the bet on Bowing to Life.”

The sudden Massacre Day disrupted Wei San’s plan. At present, all the people on the third floor have competition opponents. She has to wait until the evening, go back to her room to open her light brain and use her points to watch the recent competition video of the Death God.

God of Death’s sadistic killing style was still the same, but Wei San was still able to see some things. This person’s strength was far more than that. Only by dealing with the players in the previous random pool could he easily sadistically kill.

The “strength division” in the random pool was based on points. Death God has won so many games, so he  should have entered the point ranking, but he hasn’t. He has been spending points to keep himself near that range.

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She’s afraid that he didn’t come to the competition for money or actual combat experience. He just wanted to kill and beat people.

No wonder there were so many perverts in this layer. When Wei San looked at the Death God in the video, compared with him, she could not be counted as a pervert by dismantling the mechas. At most, she was obscene.

Outside the underground factory.

“I don’t know if there will be any new faces on this year’s Massacre Day.”

“It seems that Death God is still interesting, with a feeling!”

“Who did you bet on? I bet on Death God.”


Similar discussions continued to be heard from the audience who had lined up to buy tickets. Two of them were also talking about the bet.

“I finally got the tickets for the Death God competition. I will bet all my pocket money on the Death God later. Do you want to bet on him with me?”

“Let’s go together. Who is playing Death God at night?”

“What’s the name? Something like Bowing your head.”

The boy heard and said: “Bowing to Life?”

“That’s right, that’s what they’re called.”

The boy immediately changed his mind: “I won’t bet on Death God. I will bet on Bowing to Life as the winner.”

“Are you crazy, this person has only been promoted to L3 for a month.”

The boy insisted on Bowing to Life: “Death God won’t necessarily win.”

He has watched all the competition videos of Bowing to Life from L0 to L3. Her playing style was a little obscene but looking at all her competitions, she has not lost much. Even if her opponent was strong at the beginning, she would turn over the situation later.

The boy have low perception. They were just ordinary people and couldn’t see anything, but he always felt that he was learning from Bowing to Life.

“It’s up to you. When the time comes, and all your money will be gone, don’t be distressed.”

“Maybe it’s your money that will vanish.”

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