SAPPS Chapter 107

“The 3S commander Ying Xingjue and the 3S mecha soldier Ji Chuyu are the two most powerful freshmen in the Empire.” Jinke put down his plate and sat down. He looked down and turned over a photo on his light brain. “This is Ji Chuyu.”

The photo should be captured secretly. The people inside were handsome, slender, and had blond hair. Standing on the training ground, they wiped the sweat off their chin with one hand, and their eyes that swept towards the camera were sharp.

“Looks quite handsome.” Wei San inserted a fork into the piece of meat on the plate and glanced over at the photo.

“I think he’s a bit artificial,” said Jin Ke, with a sour mouth.

“There’s another one.”

“I don’t have a photo of Ying Xingjue on my hand.” Jin Ke pointed to the nearby Ying Chenghe. “Ying Xingjue is his older cousin.”

Wei San raised his brows and exchanged eyes with Jin Ke. Then they stared at Ying Chenghe together.

Ying Chenghe, who was distracted by other things, looked up and saw two pairs of gossiping eyes: “.……what are you doing?”

“Do you have a picture of your cousin?” Jin Ke lowered his voice and said, “We want to see what Ying Xingjue looks like.”

It was said that Ying Xingjue never appeared in front of the public, so there was no picture of him inside the Imperial Military Academy. The information was sorted out by word of mouth.

At the beginning of the Hephaestus competition, the main members of the five military academies would appear in front of the media. There is nothing to hide. Ying Chenghe turned over his photo album: “We don’t know each other very well, and I don’t have any photos of him in the past two years, only a previous family photo.”

Wei San looked up and was stunned. The man in the photo was the boy with dark hair.

Empire’s double star, blonde……

“Jin Ke, let me have a look at the picture of Ji Chuyu just now.”

“Why do you want to see him?” Jin Ke said, opening it for her to see.

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Wei San looked at Ji Chuyu’s picture carefully. It turned out that he was another blonde. Just now, she didn’t think of it. She picked out the food with her chopsticks: “I also think he is a bit artificial.”

“You are worthy of being my friend. You have vision!” Jin Ke happily put away Ji Chuyu’s photos.

These two people were really……

Ying Chenghe doesn’t know whether to say they were sour or stupid.

“Your cousin’s hair looks better than yours.” Looking at Ying Chenghe, Wei San said sincerely, “I wanted to tell you a long time ago to take good care of your hair.”

Jin Ke reached out and touched Ying Chenghe’s hair. “It’s like hay. It must be easy to burn it.”

Ying Chenghe clapped his hand: “Who will remember their hair when they are busy? Wei San, your hair is no better!”

Wei San: “.……I am poor.”

“Maybe when you go to the competition, you can ask Ying Xingjue for hair care tips?” Jin Ke had a whim.

“I haven’t spoken to him since I was a child.” Ying Chenghe looked complicated.

Ying Xingjue was the only son of the main family. Ying Chenghe was born in a side branch. The difference between them was one month. If he was not a 3S, I’m afraid they don’t even have an intersection.

There was no difference between an aristocratic family and a small society.

“When you win a game, the media will interview the champion and you can ask him the secret of hair maintenance.” Wei San had an idea.

Jin Ke gave a thumbs up: “This poison not only asked for the secret but also humiliated the Empire. High! It’s really high!”

Ying Chenghe: “..… first then talk.”

After the three chatted and ate, Wei San hurried to her second game. It was not too difficult and she easily got the school team quota. In addition, she enrolled in the selection of shooters at the scene. As long as she got one place next Monday, she will get 30 credits.

During the weekend, Wei San still went to the underground factory and didn’t meet West Landing. It seems that he hasn’t been here during this period.

L3 plays for a half million star coins, which can be used by normal people to live for a period of time. However, if it was used to make mecha, it would be like a small stone into the sea, and could not even stir up small waves.

At present, Wei San can play seven games a day, three in the morning and four in the afternoon. The evening is used to repair mecha.

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