WFILTU Chapter 479 – Madam V

It was a portion of very delicate noodles, dotted with tomatoes. There was an egg on it, in the shape of a heart.

Lin Zhihua liked noodles, Xue Jiao knew this.

He smiled brightly, looked at Xue Jiao and said, “So this is……a love Bento?”

Xue Jiao blushed and said, “Yes yes, you should eat it quickly.”

“Have you eaten yet?”

Xue Jiao: “……”

“You didn’t eat yet right?” Lin Zhihua smiled more brightly.

“Ate it! I ate everything that didn’t fit in the box!”

Lin Zhihua picked up a chopstick, ate it, nodded, “It’s great!”

Xue Jiao smiled shyly: “it’s not as delicious as what you make……”

Lin Zhihua picked up a little more and fed it to Xue Jiao. “Come, this is for you.”

Xue Jiao also did not act like a guest and opened her mouth.

A bowl of noodles, two people, one chopstick for you, one chopstick for me, eat them separately.

Xue Jiao licked the corners of her mouth: “What else are we going to eat?”

Lin Zhihua took his coat and said, “Go.”

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“Lunch box……”

“Someone will clean up.” With that, he led Xue Jiao downstairs.

When Lin Zhihua went downstairs, he didn’t take the exclusive elevator. He took Xue Jiao by the hand and swaggered down by the employees’ elevator.

Every time the door opened, the people outside looked at them stiffly, but no one dared to go in after saying their greetings.

It wasn’t until on the third floor, when a young girl came in directly while on the phone.

When the elevator door closed, she looked at the two people, then looked at them holding hands, and stared in horror.

Immediately, she stammered: “Hello, Bo……Boss……Madam……”

Xue Jiao moved awkwardly and Lin Zhihua held on.

The man leaned close to the corner until the elevator reached the first floor and Lin Zhihua and Xue Jiao left.

She hurriedly opened the camera and secretly took a picture of her back.

In the groupchat——

Holy crap I just rode an elevator with the boss and his girlfriend! [Picture]

There were various replies below.

Of course, Xue Jiao didn’t know all these. She held hands with Lin Zhihua. Like ordinary lovers, she bought some snacks and watched a movie with him.

It was a romantic comedy film. They were not very lucky. This movie, which was marked as a romantic comedy, was full of embarrassment and laughter.

But when they held hands, their smiles were continuous.

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