WFILTU Chapter 475 – Madam I

Xue Jiao exposed a smile, and she felt the thermos in her hand.

She herself didn’t have time to date him. Although the guy felt wronged, he still smiled and pretended that he was fine.

But she could actually feel it——he was very unhappy.

Hence, Xue Jiao was going to become a “competent” girlfriend that visits her computer boyfriend and gives him a “surprise”.

She had just changed her clothes and put on a long skirt, which made her look less childish.

Xue Jiao looked up and saw her face in the rearview mirror.

After thinking for a while, she let her hair down again. The right side was pinned behind her ears, and the left hair naturally hung on her chest.

Xue Jiao pursed her lips and smiled. Alright, it looks “mature” this time.

“Little sister, you must be going on a date like this!” The middle-aged female driver smiled, her expression very kind.

Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed, but she replied with a smile, “En.”

The driver sighed: “Your boyfriend is very fortunate that he can have such a beautiful girlfriend as you.”

“I am also very fortunate.” Xue Jiao laughed brilliantly.

Ever since she was together with Lin Zhihua, he has never made her sad or embarrassed.

He loves and takes care of her as a boyfriend, and he also tolerates her as an elder.

Thinking of this, Xue Jiao smiled again, and her eyes narrowed into a slit.

If Lin Zhihua knew that she regarded him as an elder, he would be angry again.

The driver looked up at her and couldn’t help saying again, “Little girl, you look so good.”

“Thank you.” Xue Jiao replied with a smile.

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The car soon drove to Lin Shi’s gate. After Xue Jiao paid, she pushed the door open and got off.

Looking up, she saw a few words on the tall building in front of her——Lin Shi Group.

There was nothing to see outside the office building except dark black glass reflecting the yellow light of the sunset.

Xue Jiao slowly approaches.

She knew Lin Zhihua was in the company. Last night, she said that the meeting would be held until evening. Lin Zhihua said that he would pick her up when he got off work.

And with her understanding of Lin Zhihua, more than likely, he had not had dinner yet.

Xue Jiao’s lips raised, and her steps accelerated. The skirt at her feet was shaking, as if shaking the hearts of the people.

Lin Shi’s gate was open, and the momentum of the hall on the first floor was different from that of Cheng Shuo’s company.

After coming to Beijing, Cheng Shuo only occupied two floors of the office building, unlike Lin Shi. Due to its wide range of businesses and too many departments, the company had a large number of employees.

Xue Jiao strode into the hall and swept the whole hall. There was an entrance and two passages opposite. Obviously, she needed to swipe a card to enter. There was also an entrance on the side.

She approached. At this time, some people were probably heading off work. People came out of the opposite passage. There was a front desk between the two entrances. There were two young sisters with good temperament standing there.

There were two security guards on the other side, occasionally nodding toward the people who came out.

“Miss, what can I do for you?” The front desk greeted her with a smile.

When Xue Jiao approached, she smiled and replied, “I’m looking for someone.”

“Xiao Yue, I came to retrieve my packages.” A middle-aged woman came out of the passage, turned around and said to another receptionist.

The person immediately lowered her head and took out a courier, smiled and said, “Sister Wu, what did you buy this time? I hid it for you, it hasn’t been discovered yet.”

“Thank you, Xiao Yue. I was busy in the afternoon. I didn’t have time to pick it up. It is a soymilk machine. My soymilk machine at home broke. It’s been hard for you. If you don’t help me hide it, I will be fined again!”

“It’s fine.” The receptionist smiled.

Sister Wu turned her head and saw Xue Jiao. She smiled: “Little girl, this is……”

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