SOOEW Chapter 361 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XIV

“Leji enlarge. You can add at ease. It’s fine as long it’s pulled to 10% to ensure that they can’t die before the boss dies.”


It was not until the boss fell down and the various skills flashing in the dungeon and the shrill screams from the little monsters went away that they recovered from the orderly noise.

The system prompted [congratulations [Wushuang Guild] Shi Lan led the team to pass the “Blood Capacity” copy successfully, obtaining 1000 liang of gold and 50000 reputation], and it broadcasted back and forth on the world channel three times. Soon after, the news that the Heifeng Guild broke through the copy rang out.

The time interval was less than three minutes.

The crowd immediately cheered, “commander——” they subconsciously looked at Wen Ying, but heard Shi Lan clench his fist against his mouth and cough.

At this time, they finally realized that they had passed this course under the leadership of the new member? !

When they remembered their attitude towards her, someone said shyly, “Commander……no, Luoying, thank you.” Under his leadership, other people came to her to express their position, apologizing and appreciating, with a sincere attitude.

“I thought you were the same as Liuyan. To be honest, her “final battle” operation was pretty good. At least her movements were clean. She couldn’t see it in holography. The president had to let her join us.”

“You are very good. Have you ever played the internal test before?”

“Ah, are you the elite that the president poached from other guilds? Then you have to say it earlier. We confused you with those back door people. I’m sorry for what happened before.”

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“I still want to ask.…..” someone whispered, “why didn’t you tell us about the mirror maze?”

They really couldn’t ask her to help them without reservation in the case of being bullied, but it doesn’t feel good to be teased. Such a question was like a pimple. Being asked has shown that they believe she has other secrets.

In the eyes of a group of people, Wen Ying answered frankly: “because I want to see if the level of the regiment is worth my stay.”

People: “….”

This type of reasoning that required a beating, actually had no problem.

As soon as Duhuo exited the copy, he was annoyed by the noise in the private channel. When he picked up his voice communication, he was deafened by the roar.

Prince Long: “I waited for you in Mingyuantan for an hour. You fucking went to play a copy?!”

Duhuo: “Why are you waiting for me? I don’t date men.” The tone of his voice was rather irritating.

Prince Long: “Fuck……who wants to date you? Crazy! Didn’t you say that your people blocked that woman and wanted to kill her to vent anger? !”

Duhuo: “Oh, are you finished killing?”

Prince Long: “Mobei will be here when I arrive. I will practice with her. What do you say?” With that, he could not help cursing.

Duhuo: “Then next time.”

Prince Long: “.……I said, what’s the matter with you? You haven’t forgotten how that woman played with us. Are you soft hearted and want to forgive her? Love saint, you.”

Duhuo: “No, I have something else to do. I’ll talk about it next time.”

With that, he turned off the communication.

At the door of the “Blood Capacity” copy, Heifeng’s people had already left. He found an obstacle to hide and waited. Before long, Wushuang people came out one after another. He was surprised to find that she was surrounded by the crowd. She was the only one wearing a cloak. She was very conspicuous. People around him were laughing and joking with her.

For the first time in his life, Duhuo felt that he had vision problems.

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