WFILTU Chapter 474 – Deliver lunch III

The next morning, it was also the first day of the summer vacation.

She hurried to school with her bag on her back and went straight to the laboratory.

Chu Sheng and Zheng Jiakun have long since arrived. Zhang Han and Yang Zhan haven’t arrived yet, but they all came before long.

This was the first collective meeting during summer vacation.

“Junior sister, long time no see. Have you started your summer vacation?” As soon as Yang Zhan came in, he asked with a smile.

Xue Jiao looked up and said seriously, “Officially, we have.”

“Hahaha, official? Junior sister, are you despising that we’re not on break? I also despise it.” Yang Zhan raised his brows and joked.

Xue Jiao shook her head, too lazy to answer him.

Zhang Han sat down beside Xue Jiao and noticed Xue Jiao’s books: “Notes?”

“En, it lists the steps we have done, succeeded and failed, and ideas I occasionally think of.”

Zhang Han indicated that she wanted to see it, and Xue Jiao handed it to her.

Even though Zhang Han was strict in her requirements, she also thought that the notes of Xue Jiao were very valuable. What they had done, succeeded in, failed and why they had failed, were all written.

Zhang Han returned it to her after reading it.

“Let’s talk about the current progress and problems one by one, as well as our views.”


They began to talk about the recent situation one by one, but honestly, they didn’t make much progress.

This project was really good, but in the end, they have to explore a little bit further.

Xue Jiao was still the one listening, taking notes from time to time, frowning occasionally, and loosening her brows occasionally.

At noon, they went to the canteen to have a meal, and then came back to talk.

“In fact, I don’t think we are likely to succeed in this project. It may be a waste of time and energy.” After a long discussion, Yang Zhan suddenly said so seriously.

This project was the work of Chu Sheng, and it is also his wish. Therefore, he could not help but retort: “How long has it been since we just started? How can we give up easily?”

“These words are not easily spoken. This is give and take. It’s also not a matter of giving up. It’s a matter of postponing. It’s really difficult for us at this age and experience. After a few decades, we will have more data and information, and we have sufficient knowledge reserves, that’s the beginning.” Yang Zhan argued.

His words were sincere and also very sharp.

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Chu Sheng stopped talking. He didn’t know how to refute, but he was very reluctant.

Zheng Jiakun looked towards Yang Zhan: “I have never conceded defeat under such circumstances. This is just the beginning.”

Yang Zhan shrugged and waved, “Ok, this is your point of view, but can you find the direction? We have been in contact for so long. Even if there are many other things delayed, there is no progress at all. Isn’t it enough to tell us that we really can’t do much?”

Zhang Han was silent. After a long time, she stood up and said, “Let’s leave it to this today. Let’s all head back and calm down. When we meet again tomorrow, let’s talk about your ideas and decisions.”

She was a rational person. She knew that the most important thing to do in research was the direction. Therefore, she was not in a hurry to start work. Determination and ideas came first.

“Ok, it’s just perfect to think about it today, especially younger brother and younger sister. You two have just finished exams and should have a good rest.” Yang Zhan also stood up.

The meeting ended before four o’clock. It could not be counted as an unhappy ending, but the mood was different when they left.

“Gu Xuejiao!” As soon as she reached the door, Chu Sheng’s voice sounded behind her.

Xue Jiao turned back and said with a smile, “What’s the matter?”


Xue Jiao seemed to know what he was going to say and interrupted him: “Chu Sheng, since I promised you at the beginning, there is no reason to give up halfway.”

Chu Sheng was stunned, then scratched his head and smiled, “Thank you.”

“Why do you thank me? I am also a beneficiary. It is my honor for you to think of me.” With that, Xue Jiao paused, “If there’s nothing wrong, I’ll go back first……”

“Are you busy?” Chu Sheng was confused.

Xue Jiao smiled sheepishly, “I do have something a bit urgent.”

After saying goodbye to Chu Sheng, she immediately took a taxi home, just before four o’clock.

When she returned home, there was no one at home. Xue Jiao went straight to the kitchen and came out with a thermos box at about five o’clock.

She walked quickly at the gate of the community and waved to stop a car——

“Go to Lin Shi.”

She actually knew that Zhihua was in a bad mood because she was not a competent girlfriend.

But she would also work hard to be a more competent girlfriend.

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