SOOEW Chapter 358 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XI

It should have been Mobei Eagle who introduced Wen Ying to the group, but when the guide went to report, he got a busy reply from the other party, so he had to take Wen Ying to the door of the “Blood Capacity” copy. The members of the unionized trade union were there. The order of the guild ranks seemed like a loose line. In fact, they all stood according to their occupation distribution to deal with sudden dangers anytime and anywhere. When they first saw Wen Ying, their expression was not very good-looking.

Wen Ying didn’t wrong herself when she took the money. After reaching level 20, she went to the clothing store in town and bought a brand-new cloak to cover her white fog like body. The blue stamen and white petals embroidered in Tibetan green were especially delicate and beautiful when walking in the sun. It was a pity that the better she looked, the more she highlighted the signs of “back door” and “President’s personal relationship”.

If Mobei Eagle was present, they could still be suppressed, but if he is not, there will be more criticism.

“Let’s just forget Liu Yan. At least she has made some achievements. What’s the matter with this one?”

She heard a person whisper.

At the same time, Shi Lan, the commander of the first regiment, stood up and said, “Just wait at the door. When the time comes, I will give you appropriate equipment, and I will give you a share of other things.”

The voice of discontent behind him suddenly rose and was suppressed by him.

His profession was the same as that of Mobei Eagle, an archer. The difference was that Mobei Eagle adopted the ice system, and his profession was the lightning system. Archers had a pair of bright eyes. When looking at Wen Ying, she was like a target targeted by eagles, and the pressure came head on.

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“I refuse.” She said, “I really want to join the group, not to take money and do nothing at ease.”

The dissatisfaction that was not easy to suppress erupted immediately. Someone shouted at her: “Hey, don’t you know what’s good or bad, it’s not enough not to let you do things and give you something? A charming young lady like you can’t play keyboard online games well, and still wants to play holographic copies? Do you know how much the details of holographic copies can be restored? If you are scared and weakened at the sight of monsters, do you want us to drag you away?”

“If you will pay attention, you will find that I am level 23 now, and I have seen the scenes you have seen.”

“En, wasn’t it not someone else who carried you up.”

Shi Lan frowned, but did not stop him. After he finished speaking, he said to Wen Ying again: “What he said is not good, but……”

“But? But what? Knowing that his speech was not pleasant, yet you didn’t give him a slap to remember. Someone deliberately let the dog out to bite.” A sneer came from afar, and then a pharmacist dressed in green robes with a graceful demeanor arrived. There were many pharmacists in the game, but the only one who could be so arrogant and choke the command of Wushuang City is the chairman of Heifeng trade union——Duhuo.

A large group of people followed behind him. It seemed that he also came to claim the wasteland copy. He spoke out when he encountered injustice.

Shi Lan didn’t expect to bump into the other, and his expression changed slightly, “This is a matter of Wushuang City, so I won’t bother you, President Heifeng……”

Duhuo did not look at him, but turned his attention to Wen Ying.

Her face was half hidden in her cloak, but if you look carefully, you will find the beautiful facial outline. He felt that the other party’s temperament was like Fei Xue for some reason, but he soon gave up the idea because he knew who she was.

If he hadn’t let half of the people in group B go out to get her account, which scattered the manpower, he wouldn’t have let Prince Long  show off that he found the woman first.

He asked Wen Ying, “Are you Luo Ying?”


“A group of incompetent scoundrels in Wushuang City. I think you look good. How about coming to our Heifeng City?” His expression was lazy and seemed to be just a casual proposal. All the gang members of Heifeng City were stunned by his sudden invitation.

What’s the situation? Relationship leader, you’re not helping out when you see injustice. You’re interested in the other’s beauty? ?

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