SAPPS Chapter 100

Standing in front of the counter, Ying Chenghe was experiencing the biggest embarrassment of his life for the first time. The clerk looked at the three of them with clear and sympathetic eyes, as if to say:

Look, broke asses came to blow up the street.

Ying Chenghe wanted to say that he would pay for a better light brain. But on second thought, if he paid for it, wouldn’t he be involved in the money transaction between them?

Then he was not clean.

No wonder his parents told him to grow eyes, and not to befriend the wrong ones before coming to Sadu star.

Forget about Wei San, he originally didn’t know her very well. The second time he saw her sneaking outside the classroom, she was probably not an honest person, although she had a clean face.

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Ying Chenghe didn’t expect that Jin Ke was such a person. As a 3S commander, no matter which military school he was in, he was always a contended talent. He actually did such a thing, cheating girls with a little money.

Can’t make friends carelessly!

Four words flashed back and forth in Ying Chenghe’s mind.

“It really feels and looks better than the two thousand five one.” Jin Ke looked at the light brain on Wei San’s wrist and concluded, “It’s worth the money.”

“What’s so special about your 670,000 light brain?” Wei San turned to Jin Ke.

“It’s nothing special. It’s probably more private. It has a function to prevent being located.”

“A little expensive.”

“I also think so.”

After the two roasted the price, they turned to Ying Chenghe and said they would take him to dinner.

Ying Chenghe didn’t move. He felt that he shouldn’t communicate with them.

“We’re leaving, what are you doing?” Jin Ke came up to pull Ying Chenghe out.

Jin Ke had a natural attitude. Ying Chenghe recalled that the two had been together before. The other side was very normal. He thought that he might have misunderstood him, so he opened his mouth and asked casually, “How can you transfer 50,000 star coins to Wei San?”

Jin Ke also casually replied: “I went to her place to sleep.”

Ying Chenghe: “…….”

Speaking of this, Jin Ke said: “It used to be five thousand coins each time, but now the price has increased to fifty thousand.”

“Sleep or not.” Wei San coldly responded.

In broad daylight, people came and went. The two stood on the street and openly discussed how much it would cost to sleep.

Ying Chenghe felt a little suffocated and felt uncomfortable all over.

“Sleep sleep sleep, the price of fifty thousand starcoins is very suitable.” Jin Ke pointed to a home goods store across the street. “Let me buy a quilt and a pillow to put at your place. The hard wood bed makes my ass ache.”

“Whatever you want.”

Jin Ke spoke like wind is the rain, and immediately brought two people in.

“This is not good.” Jin Ke motioned to Wei San to look at a big red quilt at the door. He reached out and touched it. “It’s soft and thick enough. It’s even a special price.”

Wei San looked around at the price tag and the two pillows on the bed. “Buy a quilt and get the pillows . Distribute one to me.” The school distributed pillows were uncomfortable for sleeping.

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