SOOEW Chapter 385 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXXVIII

He was furious, about to blow up when suddenly, he saw her glance around. Many NPCs pushed around cups and exchanged glasses, cheerful. The strange scene in front of him restrained his reckless behavior.

At the end of the banquet, the host at the head of the table wanted to send the dancing girls to everyone. He hummed and smiled, pointing to Luo Ying within his arm and said, “I want her!”

The host couldn’t help but smile and winked at him vaguely. “It’s rare for the lord to like someone. It’s her blessing.” However, he had some doubts in his mind. The governor lord had never fallen for a woman’s wiles. He was so eager to ask for a dancer that he had never seen before. Was it true that he had never met a person who met his eye before?

It was not until Wen Ying was taken to his carriage as the curtain fell and the wheels of the carriage rang out that the two people formally met.

Prince Long thought that she would turn away with a guilty conscience, but she did not move. He, however, could not resist her overly clear eyes and took the lead in turning his head away.

He has always been frank and open-minded in addressing others, but it may be that the two people had a conflict at the beginning of their meeting, or maybe it was another reason as he always behaved very childish in front of her.

Finally, she pressed down the man who wanted to provoke herself all the time. Wen Ying’s heart moved, and she called out the task panel. After browsing, she spoke, “We took the tokens out around at the same time and let the tasks merge. Fortunately, the task objectives have not changed.”

“Anyway, it’s all just an upgrade in killing monsters.” Prince Long let down his heart and stretched himself in the carriage. “Just now, I couldn’t move. I almost thought I had black magic casted on me.”

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“It’s not just an upgrade in fighting the boss.” Wen Ying frowned, “It also has mission requirements. Players must meet the character settings. If they behave differently, they would be punished with HP deduction. If the HP deduction falls to zero, we fail the mission.”

As soon as her voice fell, a string of blood red numbers -100 appeared on top of Prince Long’s head.

He had stretched his waist by half, and suddenly withdrew back. “No way, right……”

After saying this, he went back to look at the records and found that it was the second time he had been deducted, but he did not notice it. When he looked at the task description carefully, he found that there was a line of small characters below, which described the background and character setting of his character.

A person who doesn’t even stretch his waist, dare to ask, does he eat and sleep in a hut? !

For a person with Prince Long’s character, hiding his true nature was worse than killing him.

He scratched his hair a little fretfully, but the numbers of – 50, – 80 and – 30 kept appearing on the crown, which was funny.

He heard her speak in a clear voice: “It seems that this is a story task. You need to be patient enough to wait until the story is finished before you can contact the boss. As for the plotline……”

The story given by the game could be said to be quite dog blood, which was comparable to the popular TV series broadcasting at 8pm. She suspected that this was a story given because the task level automatically recognized the identities of the two people. The story was told in the surroundings of Suzhou and Hangzhou, seven Suzhou assassins died for no reason in a row. A demon catcher suspected that there were demons in them. In order to lure the big demons to appear, he assumed the post of the Suzhou Governor appointed by the latest central government.

Wen Ying played as a fox demon. She was just a pathfinder working under the big demon. After the new governor took office, she was sent to explore the enemy situation.

After that, the two people tested each other, and gradually developed good feelings. They met each other, loved each other, and killed each other. They joined hands to fight the big demon. It was quite cliche.

Thinking of the plot, Prince Long’s impatience changed slightly. He glanced at Wen Ying surreptitiously.

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