WFILTU Chapter 508 – Publish Paper III

When he was together with Xue Jiao, he felt happier everyday than ever before, but every new day, he discovered that he could be even happier, so Lin Zhihua began to look forward to the future and tomorrow.

Once a person begins to look forward to tomorrow, his heart lights like a lamp to illuminate the front, and he begins to have happiness and joy that he once dared not dream of.

Lin Zhihua would remember the times when he didn’t have Xue Jiao, but he can only think of the four words——dying wood.

On that day, like an ordinary young man, Lin Zhihua‘s hands held the girl he liked. The two of them discussed whether to buy this or that. Their chattering smiles never fell.

Lin Zhihua and Cheng Mingze went to the parking lot with two large bags of items and drove to have a meal together. Only then did they return home.

The next day was New Year’s Eve. In the morning, Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze posted couplets and hung lanterns at home. Xue Jiao went to Lin Zhihua’s house to help him.

At noon, she went home for dinner. He went to see the Lin parents.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Lin Zhihua came back with chicken soup and went straight to the Cheng house to help Li Sitong prepare dinner.

This was the fourth New Year’s Eve they spent together. The New Year’s Eve came with the sound of fireworks and firecrackers. Amid the din of crackers does the departing year. For older adults, the New Year means that they are older.

But for young people, the New Year means another year of hard work.

Still chasing their dreams in the New Year, step by step, continuing to forge ahead.

In the new year, Xue Jiao received New Year’s money from her family, and also received a red envelope folded by Lin Zhihua.

Also starting from the previous year, every New Year, Lin Zhihua would personally fold a heart for her as New Year’s money.

Xue Jiao collected these “lucky money” in an iron box.

If there was no accident, she and Lin Zhihua would have a heart for several decades. She hoped that when she gets old, she can leave with a box of dozens of hearts.

Just like their feelings, they can last for a long, long time.

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At the beginning of the year, there was little pressure. On New Year’s day, she and Lin Zhihua began to wander around, watching movies and dating. When Lin Shi started work, Xue Jiao followed Lin Zhihua to the company and continued to write papers.

All the way until the beginning of school, the thesis was basically finished.

Chu Sheng hoped that everyone would get together in advance before the publication of the paper. Xue Jiao and Zhang Han had no opinions, but Zhang Han……has been hesitant.

Xue Jiao was puzzled. She felt that Zhang Han deliberately avoided them, or to speak of, she was avoiding one of them.

And she found that as long as Yang Zhan spoke up in the group chat, Zhang Han would not speak.

However, when Zhang Han comes out to speak, Yang Zhan will definitely reply to the message immediately, as if he paid special attention to her, and could always catch her every time she appears.

Xue Jiao was confused……

These two……what’s the matter?

Because of this strange situation, several people did not meet with each other when the paper was published.

This paper was published five days before the start of school. At that time, the New Year was still in full swing, and the weather in Beijing was still too cold to go out.

Xue Jiao didn’t care about the publication of the paper. It was Professor Jin who helped to publish it. The first author of this paper was Chu Sheng. Of course, he was unwilling, and wanted to recommend Zhang Han, but senior  Sister Zhang Han said that this project was the organization of Chu Sheng, and the idea started from Chu Sheng. The first author should be Chu Sheng.

They all agreed with this view, and Xue Jiao also supported it.

When she finished the project, she put it behind her head. With the school year coming, Lin Zhihua was very sticky.

Xue Jiao didn’t always pay attention to the publication of the paper, so she didn’t know. On February 18, the publication of the paper caused an uproar in the scientific community.

This paper was like an earthquake, shaking the whole scientific community.

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