SAPPS Chapter 128

“Why……” the shopkeeper stood outside, staring at Wei San, and raised a long-standing question in his heart. “You can make creating a robot seem as simple as pulling a radish?”

She had just finished one mecha some time ago, and now she has another.

It was necessary to know that to build a mecha, the mecha technician needed to use perception. The internal structure of the mecha was complex. Often they could recover completely after completing a mecha, at least in a few months, but most recover in years. Otherwise, uncontrolled high intensity would only damage perception.

“Is it simple?” Wei San squatted on the ground and tidied up the drawings. “It’s hard for me to control the price within a reasonable range and not reduce the attack power of the mecha.”

Shopkeeper: what they said was totally different. He suspected that she was playing as a pig and eating as a tiger.

“Are you familiar with West Landing?”

“I can be considered to know him. I’ve changed his mecha before.” Wei San got up with the drawing in her arms. “What are you asking this for, boss?”

“Today, West Landing was challenging his top ten, and the ranking was constantly moving to the random pool ahead. According to this calculation, he will face the God of Death tomorrow.” The shopkeeper was obviously interested. “On the Massacre Day, your score ranking was all swapped with death. Now Death has fallen to the bottom. As a result, be bumped into West Landing. The underground factory is gambling on who wins.”

“It must be West Landing. He’s powerful.” Wei San said without hesitation, “the God of death took advantage of his mecha. His moves are violent, and a slight pick will reveal his flaws.”

“The tickets are sold out. You can buy one for me with the player’s account number, and I’ll give you the money.”

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The next day, Wei San was still working on the first floor of the underground. The shopkeeper who got the ticket closed the door outside and went to the third floor of the underground to watch the game.

Wei San was still building the internal engine of the mecha. After a while, she turned on her optical brain and spent her points to buy the live video of West Landing.

In the video, Death’s mecha has been repaired. Standing in the middle of the challenge arena, he was still arrogant. The player looking up still looked like he would kill the other side.

West Landing jumped into the first-class cabin, not moving at all, waiting for the game to start.

Death’s moves were really ordinary. He relied on violence and his mecha, but his mecha was too good. When he met with A-grade, he could only be beaten by blood.

As for West Landing, his action was light, just like the level of aesthetic textbooks, which brought the lightness of light mecha to the extreme. The God of Death could not even touch his side, and can only be more frenzied.

Wei San sat in front of the console, biting a part of the mecha, and looked up at the two men fighting in the light projection.

Yesterday, when she said that West Landing was strong, she did not speak casually. Judging from the competition with the God of death, she used her best abilities that night, yet, it was clear that there was room for West Landing, and even the broken cloud wings were not used.

Wei San remembered West Landing dealt with the God of Death, and then repeated in her mind what she should do against the God of Death.

Of course, there were factors affecting the mecha armor, but every move of West Landing was hit at the most critical position, and Wei San didn’t know where the abnormality of Death’s mecha armor was until she finished playing at the back that night.

Under the light curtain, the movement of West Landing was directed at the joints of the God of Death. Finally, the crossbow and arrow directly penetrated his knees and made him kneel down on the stage.

Wei San slowly took down the mecha piece in her mouth. Too awesome!

The God of Death was unwilling. Obviously, he could not believe that after the transformation of his mecha, he was defeated by two new L3 levels in succession. Kneeling on the challenge arena, he also wanted to sneak attack West Landing.

West Landing turned directly and kicked the head of Death’s mecha, leaving no chance for him.

Wei San: “…?!”

Didn’t West Landing talk pretty well before? When was he so violent? The aura on him was different.

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