SOOEW Chapter 386 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXXIX

She sat down by the window with her legs folded. A wisp of the setting sun shone on her facw, adding a little peace to her cool temperament. It seemed that the years were well, and people on the side could not help watching her. He didn’t know what she would look like if she acted as a fox demon.

When the carriage arrived at the residence of the governor, the two gave each other a wink and left in two separate directions. The dancer and the governor obviously lived in different places. They had a night’s rest in their respective houses. The next day, Wen Ying was summoned to the main house where the governor was located.

As soon as she opened the door, she was almost startled by Prince Long who rushed out.

“What’s the matter?”

He spoke with clenched teeth: “In one night, I was given -7000 blood!” Just then, a -100 appeared on his head. It was obvious that his expression was too ferocious and did not conform to the behavior of the character.

Under this situation, he would die before the fight even started.

She scanned the room with her eyes. It was clean and tidy, and there was no sign of fighting.

“Did the demon come to you?”

“……No, maybe it was when I was dreaming……” his eyes flickered and he suddenly realized that it was wrong. “You haven’t had anything happen?”


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He raised his eyebrows and said, “How can there be no such thing? How are you like a fox demon like this?” She doesn’t fit according to the definition of a fox demon in his mind!

“The little demon’s character is unpredictable. It is changeable and has no specific requirements.” Wen Ying paused after saying something that made him jealous and glanced at him. “Your expression really needs to be controlled.”

“……I also want to!”

She thought for a moment and said, “I have a way you can try”. While he was puzzled, she pressed the shoulder of the man to let him sit on the stool. She walked behind him and took out the comb in her purse after removing his hair.

“It will hurt a little. Please bear it.”


Prince Long was just immersed in the feeling of her cold fingertips passing over his scalp. Before he could react, he suddenly felt that his hair was pulled back by someone, and his scalp suddenly tightened. He gave a “hiss”.

Wen Ying scattered his hair and combed it again. Almost every hair was pulled tight. Prince Long felt that his face was so tight that he almost burst. Not to mention laughing, even moving his mouth seemed like he had experienced a difficult struggle, and he was really expressionless.

“How are you?”

When he heard her ask, he immediately replied, “Not good, very bad!”

She came to him and looked at him. His eyebrows flew obliquely into his temples. Originally, he was quite handsome. But now the eyebrows were pulled, as if they were dancing to fly. It was very funny.

She looked at it for a few seconds and couldn’t help laughing.

“Did you just laugh?” He looked at her in disbelief and protested vehemently, “What good thing have you done, you still dare to laugh…….wait, you didn’t think of a way at all. You just want to play me, right? Because I said you don’t look like a fox demon?! I, Si——” his expression adjusted too big, and immediately pulled his scalp back resulting in eating a bad fruit.

Wen Ying laughed even harder.

Prince Long was so angry that he immediately wanted to remove his hair, but he moved his scalp to take a breath, and then she grabbed his hand. Her hands were cold, her skin was like jade soaked in water, and her fingers were slender and beautiful.

“I’m not playing you.” She took out the ink charcoal used for women’s brows from her purse, held his chin with one hand, and drew in his eyebrows.

Because she wanted to put on makeup for him, she stood between his separated legs and leaned close to him. Her breath was audible, as if he could hold her in his arms as soon as he reached out.

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